PINK Monochromatic Glossy Makeup Tutorial

PINK Monochromatic Glossy Makeup Tutorial

No, I didn't forget that I had this videoalready edited and i just had to do a voice over.

what? Welcome -tongue pop- in this video I'm gonnashow you how I did the pink look of my rainbow/spectrum whatever series of looks! Umm you can see the completed situation upon my instagram now, umm and yeah I'm finally getting back into uh editing these videosthey will be up at times so yeah get into it.

Cool, so starting off with foundation alreadyapplied and I'm grabbing the Colourpop gel creme liner in Boots, which is a hot pinkand I'm putting this in my waterline.

Now I'm going into Suburbia by Sugarpill andI am using this as a kind of transition shade I guess to start out all of these pinks andsuch so yeah I am putting it in places.

So I am focusing this in the kind of innercrease area, like where the crease meets the nose bridge as well as the opposite outercorner, and I'm just really focusing on these areas kinda like in the areas I did for thepurple look a lil bit, but also like not.

you know like mmhmm.

I used this to lay out like a peach haze aroundwhere the pink will be because I thought it would look really nice and you know just.

Sugarpill! Now I'm going into Hotsy Totsy by Sugarpillwhich is a very hot pink, it is really really pretty.

And I'm going back into those same areas Ijust put Suburbia, and I'm just using this to bring out the pink and really start outthe intensity of, you know the pink because this is a monochromatic look so just usingpink on pink on pink, and yeah it's like layering pinks lightly building them up to get to anintensity where I want them.

Um this is still like the feathered out pink,now I'm going in with a smaller brush to really intensify and concentrate the color whereI want the deepest part of this to be so like yeah.

Now I'm going into the Masquerade Paletteby Juvia's Place and I'm using the shade in Bori, which is a hot pink and it has a sparklein it but actually when I applied it the sparkle kinda went away but it really worked wellfor what I wanted, which was this just very intense hot pink, and I'm focusing this shadeyet again in the deepest most intense color.

area to make it super super pink.

I like that I only kinda remember what I did,because this was like 2 weeks ago so like yeah there's that.

Cool! So now I'm going onto the lid with KittenParade by Sugarpill, and I just wanted to bring in a lil bit of a frosty highlightedlook to the lid.

I didn't want there to be too much happening,I wanted the real attention to be the crease and the really intense hot pink, so I highlightedthe inner corner with it as well.

Now I'm going in with this Silk Naturals looseshadow in Proceed, which is like a light pink with this blue frosty duochrome, there's childrenscreaming in the background enjoy, and I just like highlighted the eye.

Then I dusted away my fallout powder and highlightstuff, and then I moved into contouring umm with the NYX blush in Taupe because I do thesame thing all the time.


Alright so then I went back into those sameSugarpill shadows to lay out a blush situation, umm so Suburbia and Hotsy Totsy, I actuallythought in the lighting that I was using that the blush was going on a lot stronger thanit was so I was being very careful, umm because I wanted to have a really contoured pink kindathing going on but um that didn't happen but it's cool cuz I still like the way it cameout so like whatever.

but yeah there's that.

So then to highlight I also went in with KittenParade and then I topped that off with Monster by Colourpop, just to like build up this reallystrong pink highlight.

So to start out this kind of glossy eye portionof the look, I am using a hot pink lipstick.

This one, I believe, is by Wet-N-Wild it'sjust a pink lipstick I've had forever and I'm just using a brush and you know puttingit on in the shape I wanted.

It's kind of like a liner meets a crease,I'm not sure how I would describe it besides a shape.

so yeah.

And I wanted to leave the brows kind of bare,I knew that I wanted them to be kind of glossy later because I thought that would look interestingand I wanted the brows not to really be super defined so I just ran a lil bit of brow gelthrough them and called that done.

Then I went into the Colourpop Ultra MatteLip in More Better and I, you know, put that on my lips.

Then I wanted to bring out more of the pinktones in it, it's kind of a raspberry type of shade so I topped that off with some ofMonster by Colourpop, and by some I mean like a lot of it and that brought in this pinkmetallic kind of look.

And then in the center I put a little bitof Kitten Parade by Sugarpill again because like you know.

cohesiveness and co.




Then like I said earlier to bring in thatglossy effect to the brow I just took some castor oil and brushed that through the brows,because I know that's what happens from you know putting castor oil on my brows to tryand make them grow in nice and stuff.

Now I actually just had this weird lil sampleof an Urban Decay lip gloss and I was like okay cool I'll use it because I don't reallylike lip gloss so let's use it on my eyes duh! So I went over that lipstick just to bringin some additional gloss and it made that hot pink a lil bit stronger and I put a lilbit on the center of the lip and then I was like cool! Wow! I'm done! So yeah how have you been? Umm you know I'm just crumbling under thisnew adminstration, so there's that.

The umm, the government wants me to die, butthat's cool.

umm in this video I'm pink so that's fun, that's always cool.

A glossy eye is nice, especially when it'snot on your whole lid so it doesn't feel uh disgusting.

Yeah so uh since the last video I went tothe Women's March on Washington, that was amazing there was so many people there andI literally got to listen to Angela Davis give a speech like.

what!?! Oh my god, I still can't get over that! Um and Alicia Keys, and Janelle Monae, andthe Mothers of the Movement, and there was so many amazing speakers.

when white feministsin the crowd weren't literally trying to speak over them but like you know impatience itcute! Whatever! "I don't like to listen blehhh" – it was crazy,and like now you know stuff and things.

So many just terrible things are happeningand I want to crawl away and disappear but um that doesn't help so I'm not doing that.

So like umm get active and like don't let umm fascists destroy everything, k thx.

This has been a message from management, uh go to protests and do the things because.


Like do you need a reason? I don't know, I would hope not.

So like how's everyone feeling under thisnew fascist administration? Let me know in the comments! We come in peace.

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k bye.

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