Pink Glossy Eyelids | Makeup Tutorial

Pink Glossy Eyelids | Makeup Tutorial

Today I am going to finally be doing a tutorialon this pink glossy lid.

Now, I used lipgloss for the eye gloss butI hope you enjoy today's tutorial.

I'm starting with base today.

I'm usingthe Nars Sheer Glow on a foundation brush.

I'm making sure to put the foundation overmy eyelids to neutralize the eyelid color.

Now for brows I'm brushing themfirst with a spooly.

So some of the pictures that I've seen withpeople that have gloss lids they do the reallyfeathery brows.

But my brows just don't work that way, but ifyou feel like that'll look good on you thenby all means just brush your eyebrows up and then set them with some eyebrow geland you just put the brow gel in the sameway you brush them up.

Now I'm brushing the product through.

I'm going to bronze my face with someLaura Mercier pressed powder on aReal Techniques Sculpting brush.

For concealer I'm using the Nars RadiantCreamy Concealer.

Then I'm blending it in with a Real Techniques Setting Brush.

I'm bringing some of the concealeronto my eyelids.

Now I'm going to set the concealerwith some ELF HD setting powder.

I'm setting the concealeron my eyelids as well.

For the glossy eyelid, I did a lot of researchinto this and to be honest everyone usesdifferent things.

Now, many times when people do gloss eyelidsit's usually just for pictures or a magazine shoot.

So you've got makeup artists on set to touch upany creasing.

Or if it's for runway it's only going to be usedfor about 15-20 minutes when that modelhas to be on the runway.

So it's not necessarily something that'smade for long wear.

I haven't seen anything where you can trulyprevent the creasing.

And people either use lipgloss, something likevaseline or something like the ElizabethArdent 8 hour cream to create that shiny look.

And if you see something that is extremely vibrantand glossy looking it might even be a lipstick.

First I'm going to prime my eyelids with theUrban Decay Primer Potion.

Make sure to bring it all the way up toyour brow as well.

I'm going to be doing a pink glossy lid so I'musing the color savage from the UrbanDecay Electric Palette.

I'm using the brush from the palette.

And I'm going to pat this product inall over the mobile lid.

If you want the pink to be a little bit more brightfeel free to use a white base like the Nyx Jumbopencil in milk.

Patting the product in will decreasethe amount of fallout as well.

So keep going back in and adding layersof this shadow till you get it to the opacitythat you want.

Then I'm taking the Sigma E45 brushand blending out this edge.

I'm adding some shadowa little bit above the crease.

So I can fan out this pink colora little bit more.

Make sure to switch betweenblending and adding the shadow in.

I'm diffusing the shadow a lot so iteven reaches the brow.

Okay so this is generally how you want theeyeshadow to be before you add the gloss.

Before I do the gloss, I'm just going totight line the top line.

I'm going to be using lip gloss for my glosstoday and this is a Bare Minerals lipglossin the color wild one.

So I just get some on theback of my hand.

Then I take a clean finger, dab it in the gloss,and then carefully dab it all over the eyeshadow.

Less is more when you're doing this andthis will create that gloss look.

And make sure to pat the gloss in anddon't drag, otherwise you're going tosmudge the eyeshadow.

So you can see the difference betweenthis eye and this eye, with this havingthe gloss on it.

It also darkens the color of the shadow.

So that's all you've got to do forthat gloss eyelid look.

And then I'm using the Ulta twisted volumemascara in jet black.

And then make sure to put a little bitof mascara on your bottom lashes.

I'm actually going to run a little bit ofblack liner on my lower water line.

For lips I'm going to be using Sonia Kasuk'sliquid lipstick in Grand Bazaar Vintage Wine.

And then I'm topping it off with thelipstick (lipgloss) color in daredevil.

And then blotting once.

Lastly I'm going to highlight with thisPhysician's Formula highlighterusing a fan brush.

Tops of my cheek bones andthe bridge of my nose.

And that is the makeup complete!.

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