Pink Eyes Nude Lips Makeup Tutorial | Golden Moods

Pink Eyes Nude Lips Makeup Tutorial | Golden Moods

Hi guys! Welcome to Golden Moods! This time I brought you a makeup tutorial.

And hope I have improved some aspects that didn't go well in my previous video We are still learning how it works.

So I hope this video is better.

Tell me if you liked this look, I had never done it.

I thought it was fun to do something between.

I was going for a purple but it turned out pink because when I see a shiny pink and I cannot use it, I mean, I cannot not use it.

It's pink and it shines.


is there anything more to say? For me it says it all.

I've decided to make a makeup look with that shiny pink, obviously, and this was the result.

I hope you like it.

Because I did.

I really hope you like this video, if you want to know how I did it just keep on watching.

I've started by applying a primer I've used this one from Urban Decay and I've applied it on my lids so I could get rid of my redness and also to make the eyeshadows last longer throughout the day.

And I've blended it with my finger, like this.

Very well.

Then I've used my Zoeva palette, the Cocoa Blend, and I made these stupid faces.

I used the shade Bitter Start as my transitional shade.

I've applied it on my crease.

So that it can blend all the other shades more easily.

Then I went with Sweeter End.

And also applied it on my crease.

It's a more of a lilac shade.

You probably can't see, but it's a lilac shade.

Then I've applied the stong pink, which is the colour Warm Notes on all of my lid.


I've applied like this with a normal eyeshadow brush.

And that's it.

Then I've used the colour Delicate Acidity.

I don't know if I'm saying it right.

I've applied it on my crease.

To darken the look a little bit and make my eyes deeper.

I've continued to add a little more so I can have more intensity.

Then I've used the shade Beans Are White Which is the darker shade in the palette.

And I've placed it on the outer corner of the eye in a V shape.

Blending it towards the crease so we can darken the look, make it more deep So it all blends nicely and it looks cute and really pretty.

Always pulling away like it was meeting the end of my brow.

Can you see? Carefully.

Take your time.

Build the colours, so you don't regret it later If you do something wrong.

So place just a little bit at a time.

Blend it all very well.

So it all looks nice.

And add a little bit more.

I've applied a little bit more as you can see I don't apply large amounts of the colour despite their pigmentation, which is very high.

I just apply a little bit and I build the shape I want.

In this case is this V shape with the darker colour.

This brush is also from Real Techniques.

I will leave the links in the description box.

Then I've blend it with a blending brush, of course.

So it doesn't have any sharp eges on our look and so it's all very soft.

and equal.

Then I've used Delicate Acidity and applied it on my crease a little bit more.

(It's pouring rain outside!) So we can blend all the colours.

Very well.

I've applied it like so and then I went back with the pink shade to intensify it even more.

So we can achieve a really beautiful pink lid.

Really strong and beautiful.

Apply the amount you desire.

If I had fix plus I would apply just a little bit because it intensifies the colours a lot but since I don't have it this will have to do, okay? Another time, maybe.

I've used again Delicate Acidity And I've applied it again on my crease.

Basically, I've used the same colours.

I've told you which ones and played with them.

A little bit more, but this time on my inner corner.

Even though it's not to illuminate, I've used it as a transition before applying my highlighter.

And then I've darken my outer corners again Just because I wasn't satisfied.

With the result.

Then I've applied Step1 from Make Up For Ever.

It is an hydrating primer, I think I think this is the hydrating one.

And applied it on my whole face.

Specially on my T zone.

Then I've used Born This Way Foundation from Too Faced.

And I've applied it on my face with my Real Techniques sponge.

I choose to do my face after because since we went pretty dark with the eyes this way we don't mess up what we've done.

And we don't mess up our concealer nor foundation.

With the eyeshadows.

Then I've added the concealer, I've shown you this one already in my previous makeup video.

I've applied it in moon shape.

On both eyes.

Very nice.

A little bit on the redness of my nose.

And then I've blended it all with the tip of my sponge from Real Techniques.

If you want you can use a brush, but for this part I just went with my finger because it's a perfect fit.

It looks very profissional.

Finger blending.


It's pretty much it.

You can also use the concealer to correct your shape.

Then I've tried unsuccessfully to hide my spot right there.

If you can, use a green concealer.

To hide spots.

Then I've matified evetything with my powder from YSL.

Very well.

My face, because I want it to stay in place.

I don't know what happened with this powder, but it's broken to pieces.

And I didn't drop it so.

I don't know how this happened.

Don't know.

Then I've applied the same shadows I used on my upper lid on my lower lid to deepen the eyes even more.

and intensify it and so everything looks nice and even.

For the eyeliner I've used the darker shade, Beans Are White.

And I've done my eyeliner with this eyeliner brush from Sephora.

So I've taken my time.

Take your time.

I don't think that doing an eyeliner with eyeshadow is easy.

I don't think it's easy but I think it looks nice.

Because it's not the tyical and dramatic of doing a liner.

Oh it's a liner, okay, no.

It blends with the other eyeshadows and it looks soft and even.

Get it? It combines with the other eyeshadows.

I thought it looked really well and even with what I had underneath.

If I had done a gel eyeliner or something or liquid liner, would go as well, but I think with this look eyeshadow liner was my best bet, more coherent with the rest.

So build your eyeliner, take your time.

I didn't want to cut this part so you guys can see the time I take to do mine.

So I build it, then I apply a little bit more, and a little bit more and a little bit more.

If you take a large amount of shadow onto the brush.

they're very pigmented.

If you take a lot of shadow and then have bad luck and ruin it well, it's ruin all right.

You'll have to do it again.

Here I've found it interesting because I've made a mistake right there and what did I do? I've applied a little bit of concealer onto the brush and then I've corrected my mistake with little pats.

And I've fixed it! I thought it was a really nice trick to show you since it happened to me.

It would be nice of me to show you, right? And I've applied a little bit more of the pink shade.

And then I've applied this black liner from Make Up For Ever On my waterlaaaan lann? what? on my upper and lower waterline.

Then I've forgot to show you my brows, but I've used that kit from Benefit.

And the highlighter in my inner corners.

And then I've applied my mascara.

Yes, I've forgot to film because my camera stoped recording yes, the camera stoped recording and I didn't notice.


Yeah, then I've applied it like this on my upper and lower lashes and then I've used my duo from Charlotte Tilbury and applied it on my apple cheeks.

With fish face, of course.

Clown fish, it is the fish more adequate to me.

I think.

At least it is colourfull.

And I like colours.

Then I've applied a little on my jaw line and temples And then I've used the other which is the highlighter like so on the top of my cheeks.

Very well.

A little bit on the tip of my nose and a little bit on the rest of my nose.

Nothing to strong.

A little bit on the lips.

on the cupid's bow.

And then I've used a little bit of blush on my cheeks.

I've finished with my nude lipstick.

I also forgot to film this part, but whatever.

But you can see that it's a simple nude also from Charlotte Tilbury.

And that's it guys, this is the final result.

I hope I've liked this video tell me what you thought on comments below Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you've liked it and subscribe to my channel so you know whenever I upload a video, okay? xx ♡.

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