Permanent makeup tutorial: top 5 mistakes of begginers / Обучение татуажу: 5 ошибок начинающих

Permanent makeup tutorial: top 5 mistakes of begginers / Обучение татуажу: 5 ошибок начинающих

Hi everyone, my name is Elena Nechayeva, I am the founder and owner of the permanent makeup studio chains.

In this short video, I am going to tell you about 5 common mistakes for amateur artists.

The first mistake is being afraid of skin, phobia to get started.

Often the artist works on the surface In other words, he or she is damaging the skin, and isn’t putting the ink inside properly You have to find the right depth, where the ink will remain To fix it, you should check the proper deepness of skin where the ink will remain, by cleaning the skin after each attempt Right after you put the ink, you have to clean it and keep doing this until you understand, what the right depth Once you understand the right pressure, right speed, you should carry on putting the ink with the same temp on the rest of the skin.

What I have noticed: my artists are brushing away the skin actively, and it looks like as if they are working, but at the same time the skin is damaged, and there is no ink in there.

It looks like the skin has turned into the ground beef and it becomes impossible to put the ink inside the skin, as the skin becomes puffy, painful, and on top of that painkiller stops working.

The client has been lying for 2 hours, the job is not done yet, and everybody is dissatisfied including the artist himself or herself and the client.

It is very important to understand right at the very beginning – what the proper depth and the right pressure are throughout the whole treatment.

Another big mistake is when artist works on eyebrows with pure black color or red-brown color.

Red-brown color doesn’t exist on human face and it looks quite unnatural.

And… It is not advised to use such colors at all.

Black color is absolutely excluded even on eyelids.

If you use specialized permanent makeup inks, which contains right mixture of colors.

If you use tattoo inks, be sure to mix it half and half with red-brick-brown color or else you will end up getting blue shade color.


3rd mistake is putting the ink too deep into the skin.

If artist puts the ink deeper than required depth, it looks awful, absolutely horrible and it is very hard to undo.

If you place the ink too deep on client’s eyebrows, color of any ink becomes bluish or sometimes it even becomes aubergine color.

The color varies from skin to skin, but any case these colors cannot be on eyebrows.

As for eyelids, in case it is loaded with veins and when the needle is pierced into vessel the ink might end up as a mark, which could be here, upper part of your eyelid, and here, in the corner of your eye.

By the way, it’s another mistake when you do this on your eyelids, which should be avoided: be sure not to join the lines in the corner of the eye, because the marks mostly happen in this part of eye.

Placing the ink too deep into one’s lip looks like bruises, which could be removed with help of laser only.

Bruises remain on lips up to 10 years and they don’t just vanish themselves.

4th mistake is when the artist does not follow asepsis and antiseptic standards.

I do not know any artist, who would use consumable materials more then once.

You shouldn’t do it under any circumstances.

It could infect your client, it doesn’t work that way.

Keeping mind that you take full responsibility for you clients health, they may be unaware of the fact that you’re using non-disposable consumable materials but the bottom line is… it’s terrible.

5th and foremost important think is beauty and symmetry of results of your work.

Before you get to work be sure to, draw hundreds of sketches, visit some make-up courses, there is a lot of make-up tutorials on the Internet, courses on how to do up a face, standard rules for different shape of faces, there is plenty of information out there.

Do not start drawing weird marks, complex stuff on faces immediately.

It is practically undoable, it requires a lot of time to remove anything with laser, so it is advised to not to do this.

There are actually a lot more mistakes, I have told about first mistakes that came to my mind.

In our video tutorials we try to cover all the possible details, about all we have known.

The videos are quite affordable and the price of the video courses is lower than price of permanent makeup treatment.

Our videos contain a lot of our experience of many years of continuous practice, and I highly recommend that you watch them, because I would have given up anything to watch such videos when I was just starting my journey in this field.

Be sure to visit our website pmu3.

Ru and more videos to come soon.

Bye all!.

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