PEPPER | American Horror Story: Freak Show – Makeup Tutorial

PEPPER | American Horror Story: Freak Show – Makeup Tutorial

CURIOUS EYES HELLO! In this tutorial we will teach you how to become the endearing character of AHS Pepper! With homemade products and that you can get in costume shops We collect all the hair into a low ponytail and hide under clothing We put a bald.

This type of plaque can find in costume stores paste the base of the forehead Mastix As this is an economic bald, well not cover all the hair.

To conceal we can flatten the hairs with glue stick We blur the edges with the skin by applying liquid latex with a disposable sponge Apply a thin layer all over the head We Mastix to stick the nose.

This nose is made with gelatine for cooking.

You can get a similar costume shops As there are gaps between the nose and skin, fill it with glue stick and we blur the edges with latex We sealed with dust where we have put latex Mastix stick with curly hairs on the crown.

They can be of any old or some doll wig to not have much affection We apply a foundation quite covering the entire face and bald To achieve a more natural effect apply a thin layer of airbrush makeup.

This step is optional With a dark checker and with the help of a broken sponge we will do the dots of hair about to leave With a matte dark shadow eyebrows will draw heavily populated With a darker shade do we emphasize more the hairline, contornemos the nose and make the hairs mustache Finally we put false teeth with very large aspect and a little crooked We put a ribbon in your hair And we have our Pepper! If you liked give LIKE Here is another video about American Horror Story FREAK SHOW SUBSCRIBE and follow us on social networks.

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