Part 3 – Face Powders

Part 3 – Face Powders

Hello good morning We are with Aresha Aresha Suraya nama nya And we are going to talk about Make Up Basics Difference between compact, loose or pressed powder So basically we'll start with the loose (powder) first Coz it's basically the most basic form of any type of powder Loose powder is usually something that comes in a jar, obviously because it's loose Pressed powder is loose powder in a form of "pressed" It's pressed loose powder Basically it's loose powder in a pressed form Or it's more of a compact form Yea, compact form, but But.

there's a difference between compact powder Compact powder is usually a foundation in a form of this -(what's inside here) Instead of liquid and stuff like that So.

those are the basic ones you SHOULD know So.

when you wanna pick the right powder for your skin Then you should know what type of skin you have, as well as.

how fast you want to get ready Which is the fastest (to use) to get ready? I guess compact powder is good.

Because it's basically a foundation, you just don't have to apply it with a brush And usually it has higher coverage than the others ONE: Compact powder, contains foundation and powder? Yes, and SPF sometimes Loose powder, is this.

Any loose powder, you usually just (use it) to blot your oilyness So.

you won't want to use that on a daily basis? Yea, not really, but it depends.

If you have flawless skin and you just have that shine during 1pm towards 6pm.

and you just want/need to blot, then yea, might as well But, if you like loose powder, and you want to use it Yea.

you don't wanna like.

carry it in a jar So you can just buy Pressed powder Oh OK! Right, I get it (FINALLY!) (For) compact powder.

I am not really a Compact powder person I like to use foundation (in a bottle/tube), no matter late I take to get ready But, a friend introduced me to this drugstore brand 1.

IN2IT OIL CONTROL It's really good, it has high coverage, and as you can see, I already hit pan I don't even know where the sponge is.

Buy the pink one.

I'm not sure, but there's pink and blue But the blue one, I'm not sure what it's for But this (pink one), it says it's for oil control and oily face Because I do get shiny towards the end of the day So this is good.

for all skin types (actually) So that is Pressed or Compact? This is.

Compact Two-way Foundation (so yes, Compact) So basically you can apply dry or you get a wet sponge It can also be applied that way for high coverage So, how about Loose powder? For Loose powder, my ultimate favourite would be the Lauria Mercier So Loose powder, does it come in colours? YES, it does This one is "translucent", which is universal for everyone Everyone can use it, to blot, to "bake" if you want to try it TO WHAT?? Oh, Bake.

(not cooking)! Yea but it's not trending anymore, even I don't "bake" my face This is expensive, but it's good It will last you like, maybe one year plus I bought this one.

wait, this is my second pot My first pot, I bought it, and it lasted me one year plus I've been using it, I use it on clients, you can guess how long it lasts.

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