Nutelladan Lip Balm Yapımı.DIY Nutella Lip Balm

Nutelladan Lip Balm Yapımı.DIY Nutella Lip Balm

Hello Everybody.

Welcome to our channel.

Today we will make lip balm using Nutella, my friends.

I will show you the materials.

Beeswax Nutella Coconut Oil And an empty lipstick box.

Okay, and also we have a bowl Now, I will add them all.

First, a spoon of beeswax.

I will add one dessert spoon.

This much is enough.

Now, I will add a spoon of Nutella.

Okay, let it stay like this.

And now, Lastly, I will add a teaspoon of coconut oil, my friends.

I am adding coconut oil too.

Yes, I added a teaspoon, my friends.

Now, my mom will melt this on oven.

Let's see how will it be.

Yes, friends.

My mom melted it on oven.

Now, let's add it in empty lipstick box.

Our moisturizer.

It smeels Nutella.

We added it in, friends.

Now let's wait for moisturizer to freeze and then apply it on my lips.

Yes, my friends.

Our moisturizer is ready.

You can apply this moisturizer on your hands if you like but I will use it on my lips.

I believe it will look better.


Let's start.

It smeels Nutella.

And it tastes awesome.


I think our moisturizer is very good.

It looks like moisturizer.

It is already moisturizer, isn't it? It also tastes awesome, smells awesome.

You also can make.

You also can add aroma if you want friends.

This was all for today, friends.

Thanks for watching us.

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See youu.

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