Nude Pink Lip Makeup Tutorial

Nude Pink Lip Makeup Tutorial

Hi Gorg,Welcome back to my channel! Today, we are going to do a Nude Pink liptutorial — I have three different lip color options for you!So, getting started, I'm going to make sure that I exfoliate my lips and get all the deadskin off of there… And get it prepped and ready for those lipcolors.

I love to apply lip balm to my lips and i'vebeen using this one from soft lips.

It's so amazing! And the lip color that Iam using for the first option, is from City color cosmetics.

It's called Kiss me softly — as you can see, this lip color is just amazing! It doesn'tdry my lips out, very moisturizing and it's so pigmented! I love it! Now, I've been using this tip for the pastfew months; I really love the look that it gives to my lipstick!Basically, you just take your finger, pat down on the bottom lip and put upwards onthe top lip, it's going to put that lip color into the fine lines of your lips, giving youa more matte, kind of subtle, effortless pout.

Now, this color is Istanbul from nyx cosmetics.

It's one of my favorites! I'm taking this lip liner from Jordana — called Tawny andi'm just going to line my lips — i'm over lining my bottle lip just a tad and, stayingtry to my top lip.

Then, I'm going to take that liner and bringit into the rest of my lips and i'm going to apply that color from nyx cosmetics, it'sa soft matte lip cream… right on top of there.

It's just going to make the most gorgeous look ever! I have been obsessing with this nyx soft mattelip creams like crazy! I'm a huge fan of matte lips and these giveme a nice application, with a nice matte finish.

If you guys want to see a swatch video, ora collection on my soft matte lip creams, give this video a thumbs up and also, forthe comment of this video, I would like to know, what your favorite color is from thesoft matte lip cream line —if you haven't tried them, what colors are you wanting totry? Leave that down in the comment section! The last option is going to be the color Stockholm,it's another soft matte lip cream… I'm telling you, i'm obsessed! And i'm goingto apply my city cosmetics lip plumper before I apply this lip color.

I love the way my lips look after applying that lip plumper.

And using this matte lip cream, it's just the most amazing combination to me and itsperfect! So, I hope you enjoyed this video! Pleasegive me a Likety like if you did and make sure that you share it with your google+ soother people can see this video! Make sure you are subscribed for new videosweekly! And i'll see you in my next video! LOVE YOUS!.

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