NoMakeup Makeup Tutorial (Parodie)

NoMakeup Makeup Tutorial (Parodie)

Ladies, you should know our face is our second most important asset – after our body.

And of course it's impossible to have a face that lives up to all the beauty standards.

which is why we're supposed to paint our faces every day.


BUT – what if a woman wants to be respected for her intelligence? A DILEMMA.

As a chemist, I'm familiar with this problem, since according to the 4th law of thermodynamics.

a woman can be beautiful or intelligent – but never at the same time.

Ladies, in order to be respected at your workplace, I recommend a socalled 'Nomakeup' Makeup.

On YouTube there are several tutorials for everyday natural 'Nomakeup' Makeup.

that will teach you – in under 20 steps and under 2 hours – how to look like you're not wearing any makeup.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I have these days where I don't even have 2 hours for makeup.

This is why today I'll share my personal nomakeup makeup tutorial! Step 1: First, clean your face thoroughly and remove any excess grease or residual makeup.

Step 2: Leave the house.

For this, I put on clothes and shoes, and then walk out through the front door.

This is my personal Nomakeup Makeup routine for you guys to try at home! Warning: If you usually wear a lot of makeup, it might take a few days for other people to get used to it.

OMG what's up with you??.

Nothing, why? You're OK? Are you sick? I woke up like this? You look sick.

That's just my face.

This is what my face looks like.

But after this initial phase, you'll be able to truly enjoy life without makeup.

Without makeup you can.

Rub your eyes as much as you want,.

take sweaters on and off without leaving makeup stains,.

or cuddle friends in white t-shirts.

A new quality of life.

You're welcome.

Source: Youtube