“No Makeup

“No Makeup

Welcome back to my channel! Today, I am goingto do a no makeup ‘makeup’ look.

It’s been a while since I’ve done something likethis, and I thought I would share it with you since I’ve been doing it lately.

So, to get started, I am going to prime meface; with this pore minimizing primer – and I really, really do like it! I think it keepsmy T-zone in check! Then, I’m going to follow up with the LorealMagic nude foundation with a real techniques beauty sponge.

I love this foundation because it goes on and it looks like skin.

It looks like my skin,but better.

But, I’m sad to hear that they are actuallydiscontinuing it.

So, its back to the drawing board on my favoriteskin looking type of foundation.

But that’s Okay! I’m going in a warming up my face with thisJordana 2-in-1 concealer and foundation with that same sponge.

Then, I’m going to set my face with the flawless finish mineral powders from citycolor.

You guys know, it’s my all time favoritepowders.

Then I’m going to work on my brows.

So, for everyday, I keep it very natural.

So I’m just going to brush my brow hairsand I’m going to fill it in using the Nyx Micro Pencil in Espresso.

I’m using short strokes, I’m not going to clean it up or anything.

And I’m basicallytrying to use the hairs that I have on my brows to create the illusion that I have athicker and fuller brow.

I’m just adding a little shape and fillingin the areas where I have no hair.

And then, I’ll set all of my hairs in placewith the brow gel.

It’s actually clear, but since I’ve been dipping it and puttingit on my brows and dipping back in, it kind of tinted it.

But I don’t mind that at all.

Then, I’m going to curl my lashes with thisnyx lash curler.

I rarely do this, but when I remember, I definitely do and it does makea huge difference.

I’m just going to apply this brown colorinto the crease to add the illusion that I have a crease, but I’m not adding too muchproduct.

Just a quick little dust over.

Then, I’ll go ahead and add my mascara.

This is my favorite mascara from ysl.

And that’s pretty much it for the eyes.

I’m going to take that same brown colorthat I used for the crease; lightly contour my nose.

Not too much, just a little bit becauseI do have a wider nose at the bottom.

And I’ll use my finger to blend it in likeusual.

And to highlight, I’m using my City Color sunlight trio collection 2 on the highpoints of my face to… of course! Glow! Then, to finish off the lips I’m using thecity color lipstick in Kiss me Softly – it’s my favorite peachy nude color.

And I’m goingto apply this, but I didn’t show a clip.

I’m just going to use my finger and patit into my lips for a more wearable look.

And for the hair, I went in with the herbalessences naked dry shampoo and it smells amazing you guys!Now, I’ll usually do a topknot or i’ll put my hair in a braid on the side… so,that’s what I did here.

It’s just a messy loose braid.

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Thank you so much for taking your time towatch! I hope you enjoyed it! And I’ll see you guys next time!.

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