Okay friends, this is me makeup free.

If you've been followingme before, you know that I look a little bit ill without makeup and I'm the first to admit that.

I'm gonna show you the things that I do to cheat a healthy Glow and kind of like that no makeup makeup look.

So, I have my Heliocare cream.

This is kind of likeyour block against aging, your serum, your moisturizer in one.

I have that in there.

I have my Veil Complexion Fix.

It perfects your complexionwhile still allowing your skin to show through.

It gives you that perfectkind of no makeup makeup look.

I also have in there mytwo watercolor blushes that I'm using right now.

If you're not someone that'stried this product before, if your someone thatisn't sure about blusher, or you're nervous about blusher, these blushers are incrediblebecause they're water-based so it means they go on,they look really natural.

Your skin shows through.

It kinda looks like your complexion only a million times better.

Last of all, I pop on areally natural mascara.

This one gives my lashes a really pretty, yet natural look plus you put this on, you can rub your eyesand this does not budge.

So, what I'm gonna donow is apply my makeup as I do this no makeup makeup look and you can see exactly how I do it.

And, I'll share my makeupartistry tips with you too.

We have, I use everysingle day and I put about a thumbnail, depends onhow big your thumb is.

I guess that's like athumbnail and a half amount on my hand.

And, this for me, this blocks sun aging plus it's got really good antioxidants in.

So, this saves you moneyso you don't have to go and buy separate eye creams, separate sun factor,separate moisturizers.

It's kind of like three in one.

And, it also is a fantasticbase for your makeup so it kind of acts like a primer as well.

I'm gonna put a littlebit more on for my neck.

And, depending on what top you're wearing, you might wanna put a littlebit on your chest area as well because this really, really helps prevent further sun ageing.

Then, you're gonna goahead and next of all, gonna use this Veil Complexion Fix to just help perfect areas of your face thatyou feel need a little bit of a helping hand.

This is kinda like a magic wand.

So, with the Veil Complexion Fix, what I do is it's not really, this isn't to create awhole face of foundation.

The beauty of this is when youwant your skin to look like your skin only a million times better, you're just gonna use thisgo over areas of your face that need just a littlebit of a helping hand.

So, I'll show you where I use it and you can maybe, you mightwanna use it in the same areas or you might just wannause it on your eyes.

Round my nose got redness.

My chin, just the center.

Center of my forehead.

Under my eyes.

On top of my eyes to just even out the skin color and then down the center of my nose.

The great thing about this is it sets itself so you don'tneed any loose powder.

But, what you do wannado is once you put it on you wanna work quite quickly with it because it does set.

So, when you want the Veilto be slightly more sheer, you're gonna massage it inlittle circular motions.

And, when you feel like youneed a little bit more coverage you're gonna pat and press that product in and it's gonna give youmore heavier coverage.

Having said that, I willsay this is buildable.

So, if you just want a light coverage, apply it in one layer.

If you want slightly morecoverage, you're gonna wait for it to set for about 40 seconds and then you're gonna goon top with another layer.

So, for me, I need morecoverage under my eyes.

So, this is now set and I'm going in and applying another layer under my eyes.

Now, if you're someone thathas a regular concealer that you're happy with but onthose days you kind of look extra tired, then what you can do is apply your regular concealerand then just apply this over the top and it'sgonna give you that extra kind of boost to your regular concealer.

So, now I've got theGlow watercolor blush.

And, I give this a little shake to shake up the color.

Apply it to the back of my hand.

You literally need just a little dot, like hardly anything.

You can build this up ifyou feel that you need more.

You get your finger, tap it in, and then smile.

And, then you're gonnago from your kind of cheeky part here up towardthe top of your ear.

And, you wanna work in quitequick circular motions.

And what this does, thisisn't gonna add any pinkness to your cheeks.

What's it's gonna do is justadd a fresh kind of glow.

So, this has gotiridescent particles in it so when your cheek catches the light it's gonna have a little bit of a sheen.

But, more than that,it's kinda acting like, you know if you put bronzer on and it just adds a littlebit of a color to your face.

So, if you're feelingpale, this is just gonna add just a touch of colorwithout looking like you've got any blush on.

I'm gonna show you how youcan apply this to your eyes.

And, what this does is thatby putting on the lower lid just into the socket, itjust enhances your eye shape.

It's kind of like alittle bit of an eye lift because you're gonna makethis look a little bit deeper and then you're gonna keep yourbrow bone free of the color.

And, you'll see that itjust adds that definition just kinda lift the eye.

So, on my little ring finger,I'm just gonna pat it on right across the eye.

You have to excuse me becauseI'm not looking in the mirror at this point.

And, then you're gonna go into the socket back and forth.

Once I've applied the Glow to my lids, what I do is I get my Veiland I just go underneath the arch of my brow andthis kinda just emphasizes the brow bone a little bit more.

And, you just wanna pat it in.

Again, when you pat it in, you get a little bit better control.

And you'll find, don't worry if it doesn't pat in completely, just keep tapping in andthat product will completely, kind of blend in and disburse for you.

So, I'm using the Blinc Amplified Mascara.

I'm using a dark brown.

I like the black as well, but just fancied a changewith the dark brown.

A little bit more natural.

And, you're gonna place thisbrush right on the roots of the lash.

The trick is to get right to the root, wiggle the brush, and then lift up.

Gonna show you that if you're someone that kinda likes to touchtheir face throughout the day or you're worried aboutyour mascara smudging, I'm gonna show you howthis mascara's so cool because it does not smudge.

And, I will give it, myeyes a really good rub so you can see.

So, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub.

You can see it hasn't smudged at all.

I hope it hasn't.

It hasn't! For me, I'm alreadyfeeling more confident.

I'm feeling like yeah I'mready to take on the day.

However, I do like just atouch of pink to my cheeks and my lips.

You don't have to do that, but for me it kinda is just like thatcherry on top of the cake.

So, I'm using this watercolorblush in shade flush.

I'm gonna put this on the top of the Glow 'cause the Glow's kind ofgiving me that definition and that little bit of shimmer to the tops of my cheek bone.

And this, I'm just gonna put right on the kind of apples of my cheeks.

You did the Glow all theway kind of scooping up to the ear.

This one, it's just a pop of pink on the real apples of the cheek.

With the remainder, I'mgonna dab it onto my lips so it looks like, again over the Glow 'cause the Glow's givenit a nice kind of base.

This is gonna give it justmore of a pinky stain.

So, this is the finished makeup look.

I'm now going to do my hair.

And, to finish the look, I've obviously justgot a plain t-shirt on.

I'm gonna put this necklace on and just by putting afancy kind of statement necklace on with a plain t-shirt just adds another little elementof style to your look.

I hope you've enjoyed this video.

Everything that you'reinterested in will be the details you'll find below.

And, yes, don't forget we ship worldwide.

Thank you so much for watching and I shall see you soon in another video.


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