NIKKIE TUTORIALS INSPIRED(ANTI-Valentine’s day make up)//Greysel

NIKKIE TUTORIALS INSPIRED(ANTI-Valentine’s day make up)//Greysel

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel.

My name is Grey and today we will be doing something very funny A makeup Anti-Valentine's Day I was inspired by Nikkie Tutorials.

You know, if you have someone who pass it, do something cute and cuddly.

You know about you.

If you want to have fun with your friends, it's okay.

If you want to hate everyone, not hate everyone.

Ok, but only a little.

It's okay.

probably do a look more romantic for people who actually want to do something on Valentine's Day, what is good too.

I support you, I have you no matter whether you like it or not, enjoy this makeup.

I have my base, My outline is there, my eyebrows are ready.

So now I'll put shadows, with my base color here.

Somewhat clearer today.

He placed it on my eyelid.

I'll use this tone of here for my basin.

I shall proceed and now I'll use this beautiful color here, a dark red.

Now I will take the color "Alchemy".

Now I'll check, to cut this.

And now with a brown, very dark.

I will apply delicately at the end of the cut.

Now to make it more special I will add shine.

I can not move with this, I expect it to dry So I try delinearme with black.

I do not like not to see the brightness so I lay it on the entire eyelid.

Definitely not complete until make my lower lash line.

I will put on my black water line.

I'll wear again, my eyelashes Kiss.

I love them.

While left to dry I put some cute cute illuminator, in my cheeks.

And I'll use this pink-gold tone.

I will pull out a blush Maybelline Fit Me.

Now I put my eyelashes.

Now we finished, I will apply a lip NYX Liquid Suede, color Cherry Skies.

I will seal this baby with my Urban Decay.

I really hope you enjoyed my video, if you liked give a good "Like" See you at the next, they have a beautiful day.

Bye Bye Bye.

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