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I'm going to share with youlip stains that I love to wear using the Daniel Sandler watercolor blush.

That's right, a blush thatyou can use on your lips and your cheeks and evenyour eyelids, if you choose.

There's loads of colorsavailable in my store.

I've chosen for today a pink and a peach.

So the pink is shade So Pretty and the peach is shade Gentle.

And I'm going to showyou both how they look.

Now both these shadeswill work on everyone, it's just down to what youprefer, a pink or a peach tone.

I'm going to go for the pink shade first.

Give the bottle a shake.

Little dob on the back of the hand.

Now this has a water-like consistency, which means, as it goes on, your natural skin color shows through.

So it looks really naturalon lips and cheeks.

And then you're simply goingto pat on to your lips.

Now I'm going to reach for my lip potion.

And this is what I choose when I want lips to have a beautiful sheen, but also be nourished at the same time.

And I'll tell you why I love it so much, because it's packed fullof plant-based botanicals.

Argan oil, borage seed oil, jojoba oil.

All these really powerful ingredients that not only nourish yourlips as soon as it goes on, but with regular use over time, the actual condition ofyour lips will improve.

Let me show you how it looks on.

When I apply the lip potionover the top of this lip stain, so I don't get any color on my lip wand, I just put a little biton the back of my hand and then dab on with my ring finger.

I'm going to show you how Iapply this to my cheeks, now.

A little shake.

A drop on the back of thehand, again, it's like water, so you just need to take your ring finger, dab in and you're going to smile.

You're going to go down from your pupil.

The highest point of the cheek there, little cheeky bit.

Dab fairly quickly andthen big circular motions up towards the top of the ear.

Next up you're going to see a technique that I like to use on clients that really brings a cheekbone to life and it's using the lip potion.

Little dab on the back of the hand.

Take your ring finger,make sure it's clean.

Dab in and then just onthe top of the cheekbones, where you can feel thehardness of the bone here.

Going to just dab a littlebit of the lip potion.

And what this is going to do, it's not going to add any color.

But as you move yourface throughout the day, your cheekbone is goingto glisten in the light.

And as the cheekbone catches the light and bounces that light off, it's going to make yourcheekbones look higher and more defined.

If you want to find outmore about this lip potion and the shade So Pretty, you can click the link below.

Stay tuned, because coming up, I'm going to show youwhat this shade Gentle, which is a peachy shade,looks like on the skin, too.

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I hope I've inspiredyou to try something new with your lips and your cheeks.

Thank you so much for watching and I shall see you soon in another video.


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