Natural Makeup Tutorial (A Parody)

Natural Makeup Tutorial (A Parody)

– Hi everybody.

One thing I often hear iswomen don't really understand how to achieve that naturallook with their makeup.

So I'm here with my friend Allison, and we're going to do a tutorial on how to achieve that look on your own with your own makeup.

("Flashing Designer") The first step is tostart with a pore filler.

Now we're going to apply alayer of this all over the face because pores this size at her age just really aren't natural.

The next step is all over coverage.

Now I chose a BB creme as opposed to a traditional combination because it is lighter and it's going to give a much more natural smooth finish.

– Oh, it tickles.

– Cover all of that redness and all those imperfections.

Next we're gonna go in with a concealer.

It's going to give youthat really nice naturally airbrushed, Photoshop look.

You have some dark circlesunder the eye, very common.

Get this little mole here.

– Actually I really like that mole.

I think it gives me character.

– (laughs) Now we're gonna seal thatall in with a powder.

I chose a mineral powder because it's made with allnatural ingredients and minerals.

– Where does it end? – The next step is to contour the face.

This is just going to really enhance the natural bone structure in your face.

So go ahead and like a fish.

You look like a fish.

You can see it's enhancingher natural cheekbone.

Basically we're just goingto reshape your face.

Alright so now you gotta add the blush right on the apples of the cheek.

This is my favorite part, the eyes.

Since we are going for our natural look I chose the nudes palette.

You can't really get muchmore natural than this.

– There's so many steps.

– Well, you know it ishard work to look natural.

Nobody's born this way.

Now that we've applied the eye shadow we're just gonna go inapply a couple more coats of concealer, blush, you know.

– You're gonna do it all again? – Well yeah, you want good coverage.

The final step for theeyes is the mascara.

We're just gonna make those eyelashes look bigger, fuller, blacker.

Oh my God.

Alright so we're gonna put on about three or four coats of this.

– What was that? That was one coat? – That was one coat.

The final step is the lip.

It's a really natural nudish color.

So it looks like her skin tone only a better version.

Oh my God, it's so much better.

Oh my God.

And just like that, that's all it takes to get that natural look.

– [Allison] I'm probably gonna break out from all the makeup on my face, but I guess the good news is is I can just use more makeup to cover that up.

("Buy now Pay Later").

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