Natural Gray Hair Makeup Tutorial

Natural Gray Hair Makeup Tutorial

Hey, it’s Maryam and today I wanted to showyou this look that I came up with.

I actually came up with this look because I was experimentingwith different lip colors and also eye colors specifically for silver and gray hair, butreally this look can be used for any hair color.

It’s just I think it’s a reallypretty, flattering look for anybody of any hair color.

It’s not just for silver, butI was because I have silver hair and I am playing around with a lot of colors, I wasjust experimenting.

This is going to be a little different format than I usually do,I usually do voiceovers, but this time I wanted to try speaking and putting on makeup whichis a little bit different than what I’m used to.

So without any more delay let’sget started.

Now I’m going to prime my eyes with the Lorac Eye Primer.

I got this withthe, it came with a kit with one of the palettes I got from Lorac.

It’s nice, but it is notreally thick and I’m used to thick primers, but this one is very light, but it doesn’twork.

It really doesn’t work.

Today I am going to use my favorite palette, matte paletteso far.

I’m going to use Meet Matt(e) Nude.

I really like this palette, it’s reallya nice, nice palette.

I’m going to put some of this lighter color called Matt Malloy,I like the names they come up with these palettes.

Matt Malloy, and I’m going to some of thisLombardi, Matt Lombardi, I’m going to put them all over my lid.

Now I’m going to putsome of that Matt Lombardi on the lid.

I am going to put some of this in the crease, actuallythis color the Matt Hung, I’m going to put that in the crease.

These two I combine themtogether and I put them in my crease.

And now I’m going to go in with another brush,and I use my BH Cosmetics brush.

This gray color, and this brown color.

And then whatI’m doing is just bringing it into the outer corner right here, so I’m going to kindof defuse the previous color I put in the crease and bring them in together like that.

Going upward into the crease.

I feel that ever since I’ve been growing out my grayhair I’m drawn more to gray colors.

It seems that even when I use browns I tend to go formore cooler tone browns than, I go for the more cooler tone browns than I do warm tonessometimes.

I feel that it looks better for me.

Now I am taking the same color that Ihad, the Matt Wood and the Matt Johnson, and I’m putting that on the lower lash line.

But I am going in a little bit on the bottom.

So I’m just kind of dragging it throughthe bottom layer right there.

It’s not exactly on my lash line, it’s a little bit below.

And then what I’m going to do is go in with a clean blending brush and just blend it allin.

I’m going to take the color Matt Malloy again, the light color and put that in thecorner of my eyes right here.

Just to brighten it up a bit.

I’m going to take it down hereall the way to my lower lash line.

I’m going to go mid-way right here, right to the middlepart.

Now I’m going to use this dark brown color by OFRA, this one is called Dark Brown.

And I’m going to line on my lash line right there just to darken my lash line to makemy lashes look fuller.

I’m not going to wink my eyeliner.

I’m going to keep it lessdramatic with the liner.

I feel that the shadows already give enough drama to the eyes.

Byputting this on the lash line, like I said it makes your lashes look a lot thicker.

Juststick close to the lash line and if you want you can even pick this up a little bit toget closer.

If you want to you can also go in with a smudge brush or something and defuseor, in my case I’m using this brush, this crease brush.

I’m just going to defuse itsome more just because I want to get that darkness without getting it to look like aliner.

I just want to deepen the, deepen the color there.

I kind of am really into, latelyI’ve been really into this kind of look of smudging my shadow almost to the creaseright here.

I don’t know, I’ve really been into this kind of look.

I feel like smudgingit out even more.

I used to just be very precise with my lower lash line, but I’ve been kindof messy lately.

Which I really like that look, I think it’s a really interestinglook.

I’m going to use a matte bronzer, I’m going to use this one in this palette.

I really like this one, it’s a nice matte bronzer that came in this Lorac The Resortpalette.

So I really like this one, I’m going to use that for contouring.

I’m justgoing for a slight contouring, I’m not going to deepen it too much.

My nose is narroweron this in the center and more squishy, more round on the tips.

I want to contour aroundthe nose right here and then just take it up.

So I do this, under my nose to the sides,and then I kind of brush it on like that.

I sometimes even use a smaller brush, dependson you, how you’d like to do it.

But for this tutorial I’m just going to do it reallyquickly, just putting it on the sides there.

Concentrating more on the tips.

Next I’mgoing to use this shimmery bronzer, this came into my Boxy charm a couple of months backand it is by ModelCo.

It’s a really pretty, shimmery color, I really like it.

Just focusingon the cheekbones and a little bit on the nose and just where the sun hits.

That’swhat I use this for.

I’m going to use this smaller brush to do it, and you have to bevery light handed with this because it is very pigmented and really strong if you puttoo much.

Kind of, kind of put it on my cheeks like that, just going to make it look likeI had some sun.

And then I’m going to put it on right above my eyebrows like that.

NowI’m going to use my Real Techniques, I really love this, this brush.

It really works wellbecause it has this dome shape which is nice for controlling how much blush you put on.

And then I’m going to go in with this color, it’s the same Lorac palette, I’m goingto use the same blush.

And just put it on the apple of the cheek and just take it backa little bit.

I just want to look a little flush without looking too blushy, if that’sa word.

Oh, there’s a fly in the house.

Ooh fly in the house.

I’m going to highlightmy nose, a little bit above my eyebrows and my brow bone.

So I am going to, I love thishighlighter, it is by Benefit and it’s called Watt’s Up.

Watt’s up highlighter.

I’mgoing to put that in, okay so this is how I’m doing my highlighter.

I draw a line,instead of going all the way down I’m just putting a little bit here on the bridge ofmy nose and then I put a little dot in the middle.

Can you see that? Can you see thaton the camera? I hope you can.

So then once I blend it in it looks really cute becauseit looks like you have a button nose.

Then I’m going to put a little bit on my browbone.

And I know that I said no shimmer, I’m not going to use any kind of glowy stuff,but it’s kind of hard not to use shimmer in the summer time.

I love my shimmers.

SoI’m going to go and put a little bit on top of my eyebrows just to define and a littlebit right here, that’s it.

And then I’m going to, I normally just blend it in withmy fingers.

You can use a brush if you like or beauty blender.

I feel that, my fingersare clean, I washed my hands already because I have this thing about getting germs on myface because I used to have a lot of acne before.

I really try to avoid putting my handon my face, I have to wash my hands before I do any kind of makeup application, or justin general I try not to touch my face.

I think under my brow bone I’m going to use a brushjust so I don’t wipe off anything.

There we go, this makes it cleaner.

And I’m tryingto stay as close to the brow as possible, I’m going to blend it in a little bit withmy fingers here.

Okay, now I’m going to finish off with some mascara.

My camera diedso I went in and finished off my mascara and now I am back.

I am going to put my lips onand finish off the look with Kat Von D liquid lipstick and a MAC lip liner.

This lip lineris called Fashion Boost and it’s a really pretty, purple, fuchsia color.

And then Ithought it would be a great pair for the Love Liquid Lipstick from Kat Von D.

I’m tellingyou this lip liner was made for this lipstick.

So this is the final look I came up with.

I think this is a great look for someone who has silver gray hair.

It could be used forany hair color really, but I feel that it really compliments gray hair and silver hair.

Hope that you enjoy it and you try it out.

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