My Engagement Makeup Tutorial | Pakistani, Indian, South Asian Wedding Make-up | Bridal Makeup

My Engagement Makeup Tutorial | Pakistani, Indian, South Asian Wedding Make-up | Bridal Makeup

Hi everyone, I got engaged recently and hadan engagement party and everything so filmed a get ready with me video, which kind of turnedinto a makeup tutorial, and I really wanted to share it with you all.

So I started by priming my eyes as alwaysso that the eyeshadow stays on longer and also to hide the pigmentation on my eyes.

I then started by highlighting my brow bone,which didn't show up so well on camera.

next I am using a brown eyeshadow to the creaseof my eyelid, this will act as a nice transition from the black we are going to use next, andjust help to blend everything together nicely.

And I'm using the mac 217 brush to do the blending.

I'm using that same brush to blend some black shimmery eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eyelid as you can see.

And I keep reapplying until I'm happy with the intensity I'm then picking up an even darker black eyeshadowand applying it to the outer corner to add even more depth.

It's quite a repetitive processyou have to keep reapplying to build up the colour intensity and blend it all together And I lift my eyelid to blend as I have quitehooded eyes, and this makes it easier.

Also you can see what a huge difference that browneyeshadow made, the one we applied at the start to the crease.

Ok it looks quite scary now, but wait tillwe are finished.

I'm making the outer corners even darker and then taking that black colour down to the lower lashline Now I'm using my favourite eyeshadow ever!!It's called space cowboy and it's by urban decay it's a glittery eyeshadow but not overpowering,it kind of gives a wet appearance and I really like it.

I'm applying it to the inner andmiddle part of my lid with a flat shader brush.

I always use a gel eyeliner for my top lidand a pencil liner for my bottom waterline I applied some false eyelashes and then mascara.

I use a smaller mascara for my bottom lashes as I always make a mess Ok so we are done with the eyes, now for theeyebrows, I've used an eyebrow shadow to fill in my brows quite natural looking And for the foundation I'm using the middlecolour from cinema secrets kit number 3.

This is a full coverage cream foundation.

Now I'm using the lightest colour in thatpalette with a smaller brush, to highlight under my eyes, bridge of the nose, chin, foreheadand top of the lip.

Ok there's my little sister putting on lipstickin the background Anyway back to the highlighting, you wouldn'tbelieve the number of interruptions I had when getting ready that day! Now I'm using the darkest shade in that paletteto contour my cheekbones, and jawline.

I also took some of that colour and blended it inmy hairline I'm using a dark shade of mac studio fixto go over the contours, and I'm doing this with an angled brush And Yes I'm also giving myself a bit of anose job I'm using Ben Nye banana powder to set andgo over the areas that I highlighted earlier I'm using a peachy pink blush just above thecontour to add colour to my cheeks And then using a highlighter to highlightthe high points of my cheekbones and bridge of my nose I'm finishing off with a nude lip liner anda nude lipstick.

You see how everything falls together nicely, that lip colour gives mymakeup a softer look.

And here's the final look, So tell me whatyou think of my engagement makeup? I know it was a bit of a long process, but I think itcame out quite nice.

My hair was done by shumailas hair and beauty which is in London, actually so was my makeup, because I'm their makeup artist and it's my family's salon.

We went for an updo with quite a bit of volume as my dress was quite big itself.

Here's me trying to show you my hair and makeup,I think my hair is too dark to see any details of the hairstyle.

But ill try to post a pictureup on my instagram.

We had the celebration in our garden with amarquee and seating arrangement done by a company whose name I don't even know, butI will find out and leave it in the description below.

The flowers were done by us ourself.

And that's ithope you enjoyed the tutorial thanks so much for watching 🙂 Bye :).

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