Monolid Makeup Tutorial | 홑꺼풀 메이크업 튜토리얼

Monolid Makeup Tutorial | 홑꺼풀 메이크업 튜토리얼

I forgot and I anjjikeot video highlighting the eyes ㅠ now I'm rubbing the eyes Colourpop Sequin appetizers.

Here is the rub'll give a little eyeliner to draw a line where Colourpop Cricket.

Kat Von D Tattoo by following Eye Liner Eyeliner chaewojun the front to the tail is going to draw lowering the crow's feet lines.

Jjipeo gonna give your lashes a byureo I'm not being fully jjip georaseo use of artificial eyelashes.

Apply'll give the Kiss Me Mascara.

I do not much balrat georaseo said, before using false eyelashes.

It's a false eyelashes purchased at Daiso.

I'm super simple and easy buthyeoseo lashes hope of help to you.

I do not know ㅋㅋ Kkeopul heal up yiraseo today I've written a lot of attention to the under-lash.

Using a rich and long-Tarte Best in Faux Use the Colourpop Bae'll rub over the line eyeliner.

Kkeopul heal the eyelid eyes that look like they are bigger tips! Here is the rub more snow'll give a bright look to Colourpop Get Lucky Eyes aegyosal lightly.

Blusher is going to write the Benefit Coralista.

Because a lot of getting my eye makeup blusher is picked up by a little less splashing saekgal.

Lip color balrat Benefit Posiebalm.

Just wanted to write a little tinted lip balm that contains, rather than lipstick.

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