Missha fluid eyes stick shadow Review by Heiley and JOLSE

Missha fluid eyes stick shadow Review by Heiley and JOLSE

Hi~ This is Heiley.

Today, I am going to review a liquid eyeshadow, Missha Fluid Eyes.

Let's start reviewing.

First, let me talk aboutthe strong points of Missha Fluid Eyes.

To minimize artificial gloss, cakey and crease application of existing liquid eyeshadows, Missha used Oily Base whichconsists of Light Oil and Water.

Let's try it.

First, I am going to apply thedeepest color to ease your observation.

Soft texture.

Doesn't get cakey.

and adheres well on skin.

After application.

It's not a bold and clear coloring.

Naturally colors eyelids.

So it is very useful whengradating by layering.

Like this.

One more advantage is that it helps adherence of powder shadow.

This one is ARITAUM Mono Eyes.

When applied.

it feels like it's stickingon my skin.

Yet it feels like an eye baseas it doesn't smudge.

To observe pearl,I am going to use bit lighter color.

It's not in shape of big glitters.

So it doesn't present splendid and glamorous eye makeup.

But it gives classy moodwith deem pearl.

Next, let's take a look at each color.

First, Swan Beige color.

This color seem to be a useful highlighter.

Naturally shimmering pearlmakes shimmering eye makeup.

Next, Opal Pink color.

Toned down pink shines like an opal.

Third, Sensual Coral.

It's a classy coral color with pearl.

It's useful when presentingvital contours around eyes.

This color is called Foxy Brown.

It's a bronzing color with deem gold pearl.

Lastly, Dust Purple color.

Grayish purple gives chic andclassy mood.

However, as I have tried, it also can present bruisedeyes with wrong use.

Now, let's take a look at the coloring.

5 Colors here.

I am going to try in this order.

Generally, they don't shine much.

But make shimmering eyelids.

Now, let's do eye makeup withMissha Fluid Eyes.

First, I am going to useOpal Pink as a base.

Thinking back of hand is my eyelids,I'll try the product on back of hand.

Apply eye base like this.

Next, I used to do underlines.

But it's hard to mark underlines.

So I'll just apply on the bottom.

I'll make beauty lines stand outwith Swan Beige color.

It doesn't look like an eye yet.

It will look like an eye soon.

So please keep watching.

Other products are coming in.

It's ARITAUM Mono Eyes.

#92 color.

Let's gradate #92 color fromtail of eyelines.

This brush I am using right now is from Missha.

It's hair quality is very nice.

If you are done with tail, let's fill in the waterline.

It's TONYMOLY Back Gel Eyeliner.

Finally, it starts to look like an eye.

Like this.

Let's assume you just filled waterlines.

When you are done with waterline, next, let's draw other lines.

It's CLIO Gelpresso Eyeliner.

It's an eyeliner with bit of red pearl.

Apply it just like you are drawinganother line on the water line.

Let's draw underline.

It's an eyeliner with red pearl.

If you are done with it,let's apply shadow on it.

TONYMOLY Eyetone Single Shadow.

Shimmer type.

Putting the shadow on the makeup.

Gradate under like upper.

Next, let's highlight eye makeup.

Used ARITAUM Shine Fix.

Start from front of eyes, apply on entire head of eyelines thickly.

Apply little amount on under, too.

Next, I am going to use 101 Pencil.

I'm using it like this.

This is multi brush that alsoconsists of line brush.

I am going to use this one with 101 Pencil #64 color to draw edge.

Right above the formerly drawn line, get one more line.

Like this.

Then, we need to wear eyelashes.

But it's hard to put eyelasheson back of hand.

So I'll just draw a bit of it.

Thus, we have completed eye makeup.

and I am wearing that makeup right now.

I thought you might be able to follow me with ease in this way.

So I did makeup on back of hand.

For eyelines like a doll,use bit big eyelashes.

To present natural(not excessive) eye makeup, I used brown mascara.

How was it? Wasn't it easy to follow? Today's makeup also used Missha Fluid Eyesas an eye base.

As I used this one as an eye base, it somewhat feels like an eye primer and it seems like there are less cracks.

It definitely lessens cracksbetween wrinkles.

So, I think it's a good ideato do summer makeup using Missha Fluid Eyes.

This is Heiley.

and I'll come back withother products.

See u again~.

Source: Youtube