Meninist Makeup Tutorial

Meninist Makeup Tutorial

A lot of people have been asking me what myopinion on meninism is.

Well let me tell you – I love it.

I loveit as I love being told that I can’t be an engineer!Hello, welcome to nerdyandquirky.

This is my Meninist make up tutorial.

To all the meninists who are saying they can’t follow along with this tutorial because makeup is.

gay, I’m sorry for infringing upon your rights.

Feel free to angrily tweet [email protected] on twitter.

Now we want to apply an even foundation.

I’musing white by this French brand that uses male seal fat.

It’s called Phoqueboy, andI'm going to mix it with some of my natural foundation.

We want to make ourselves lookpale, use the colour palette of a cracker for inspiration.

We want to conceal all blemisheson our face.

That’s right, cover up all your problems without actually solving anything.

Erase those minorities! Now we’re going to move onto the eyes.

Firstwe’re going to use some tape and apply it to our arms to weaken the adhesive.

Then we'regoing to stick it to our eyes following the natural curve.

This will create a cat eyeeffect.

Aren't shortcuts great? *praise Satan* Now we're going to apply a primer, this isa solid base of a thousand year old patriarchy for our movement to adhere to.

Then we aregoing to apply a warm grey along the outer third of the eyelid and along the crease.

Then we are going to line using black, be careful not to get any of this into your eyesbecause we don’t actually want to see the darkness we’re creating.

Using a black eyeshadow,start along the lash line and blend upwards.

Blend far out of your boundaries, that right,take control of women’s reproductive rights if you have to! Instead of a brush to blend,you can also use fingers.

Not from your hand of course, let other people get your workdone and then you can take the credit later.

To finish off the eyes, you’re going touse mascara to make your reign above the inferior genders as long as possible.

Don't worry aboutusing waterproof mascara, because you want the whole world to know when you're crying.

Now for the lips, we are going to use red, the same colour as our sweatershirt’s logo.

A design we blatantly stole from Supreme, because just like our movement, our merchandiseoffers nothing new to the world.

And we want to go slightly beyond our lips for this, becauseas men, we want to get 30% more out of the same job than women.

As a final touch, we are just going to contour the hollows of our cheeks and our jawline.

But be careful not to shade too much or else you might get cast as an Egyptian in the nextHollywood blockbuster.

And that is your meninism make up tutorial!Now like this video, share it on reddit, and comment to remind the world that not all menare like this.

And that some don’t understand satire.

I hope you guys enjoyed that video.

I don’tactually do makeup so i have no idea what I'm doing.

Was any of it right? Now more importantly,my stance on meninism is simple: it’s a movement of people too lazy to read one freakin’google search for feminism.

And their purpose is to derail the exact thing their supposedlyfighting for: gender equality.

If you’re a meninist, please understand, feminists don’tburn bras – bras are expensive.

Now go complain about the all-female ghostbusters cast somewhereover there, far far away from me.

If you liked this video, please share it.

It would mean the world.

Like it and comment down below with your thoughts.

And I willsee you the next time I make a video.

Who knows when that will be? I'm as irregularas a teenager's period.

#relatablejokes all the way.

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