– [Voiceover] How's it going, Youtube? Name's Megara, my friends call me Meg.

At least they would if I had any friends, and if you wanna know how togo from zeroine to heroine well, you've clicked on the right video.

First, grab some moisturizer.

Make sure that face is nice and hydrated.

Then, maybe throw onsome foundation primer to make your face feel velvety smooth.

But does it really do anything? I don't know.

Then use some concealer tofill in those dark eye circles, maybe a couple of blemishes,but not too many, oh god! Use a concealer brushto blend that all out until you get so bored of it you decide to just use your hands.

Next, grab some liquid foundation for a little bit of extra coverage.

Okay, don't have to show it to us.

Dab a few spots all over your face and a bit on your neck tomake sure the colors match.

Then grab your beautyblender or your brush, I don't really care, and start blending.

Now you're gonna grab acontour palette or some bronzer to carve out those cheekbones of steel.

Grab some blush and blend that in to give yourself a little rosy color.

Then grab an eyebrow pencilor just some dark eye shadow to really emphasize those Roman arches, even though I'm Greek.

Throw on some eye shadow primer to keep your eye shadowbright and long lasting.

Conveniently have theperfect eye shadow palette for this look and startwith a creamy white base all over your eyelid, brow bone, and a little on the inner corner of your eye.

Next, put the brightestpurple all over your eyelid and try to end it in anelegant little V shape.

Then take a darker purple,blend into the crease, and go over that elegantV shape once again.

Then just blend it allout with your finger 'cause you can't bebothered to get a brush.

Grab some sparkly lavender color to dab onto the center of youreyelid as a highlight.

Now you wanna set it all witha bit of powdered foundation and a nice big fluffy brush.

Now use some black liquid eyeliner to line your upper lash line and give yourself a nice little cat eye look.

If you have no idea how to do a cat eye, just look it up on Youtube.

There are a thousand differenttutorials to teach you how.

Use a cheap black eyelinerpencil to line those lower lash lines and try to throw some mascara on those lashes without getting it all over your face, you idiot.

Keep going, you almost got it.

There you go.

What are you doing? Stop that.

Put on some pink lipstick, decide that it's way too glossy, andblot it with a tissue.

You probably shouldhave used pink lip liner instead but you didn't have any.

Cover just your toplip in something purple because for some reason my top lip is darker than the bottom one.

And look at that, you'redone with the makeup and ready to move on to the hair.

First get distracted thinking that you look like Jessica Rabbit.

Section off the top part of your hair by using the tail end of a comb and carving it in a littleupside down U shape.

Congratulations, you did it.

Now clip the rest of it out of the way and hairspray the crapout of it it straight up.

Then tease the crap out of it in sections and start rolling it towardsyour face from the very end.

Right about now, you're probably wishing you had curled thispiece of hair beforehand which would have actually madethis process a lot easier.

Creating this victory rolltakes a lot of practice and a lot of trial anderror, so don't give up or be discouraged if itdoesn't turn out perfect.

Just keep on messing with ituntil you're happy with it.

Bobby pin it as much as you need to and mess with it some more, and voila.

You've got a weird loop on your head.

So hairspray the crap out of it.

Now to throw some heat protectantinto the rest of your hair because you're about to attackit all with a curling iron.

The curling iron I happen to use is three quarters of an inch and it doesn't really matter which direction any of these curls go.

The only exceptions arethese two framing pieces.

You want these twopieces to be about equal and you want them to curl intowards your face, beautiful.

Now you decide that these two pieces are a bit too long for this look, so you decide to actually cut them.

With scissors.

Now you throw the remainder of that hair all up into the highestponytail you can possibly make.

And spend way too long trying to get that hair through the ponytail.

Now these pieces are still too long, so you're gonna pull up the curl on the side of the bangs and bobby pin it behind andkind of inside the curl.

Now this side has anugly part that you want to cover, so you pull back the curl and pin it behind your ear.

Now get a giant hair clamp that hopefully matches your hair, lift up that ponytail, and clamp it on backwards.

This stupid looking clamp will hold your hair high as Mt.


Now you could try to getcreative and hide the clamp with ribbons or some other hair accessory, but all you've got rightnow is a gold bracelet so that's what you're gonna use.

Put on a purple dress and some gold accessories and you're done.

By the gift of the gods,you look just like me.

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Well, thanks for everything, Herc.

It's been a real slice.

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