Marsala Colourpop Makeup Tutorial Collab with Deepika Makeup

Marsala Colourpop Makeup Tutorial Collab with Deepika Makeup

Hey loves! I'm back again today with anothertutorial.

Today's tutorial is actually Color of the Year Pantone.

It's Marsala as you guysknow.

So, I wanted to create a look using all of the shades that I can find in my vanityfor you guys.

And, I've also used the Colourpop Eyeshadows for today's tutorial.

And, anotherthing is this is a collaboration with my very good friend and another YouTuber here on YouTube,which is Deepika Makeup.

You guys have got to check out Deepika Makeup if you want veryhigh-end, reasonable tutorials and also makeup ideas, check out Deepika Makeup.

She's a verygood friend of mine.

I’ll leave down her channel link in the description bar below.

She's a very, very sweet person.

You guys have to check her channel out.

And, without further ado, let's get into thetutorial.

Hey loves! To start with I've already appliedmy primer and foundation.

They are from Dior.

It's their Dior Pore Minimizer and the DiorNude Air Foundation.

For my eye area, I'm going to apply the primer from NARS, whichis their Pro Perfecting Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base.

This is one of the very best eyeshadowbases that I've ever tried.

I'm going to set my entire lid with the NARS Light ReflectingPowder just to give it a base before I start putting on my eyeshadows.

The brushes I willlist down in the description bar below.

I'm taking TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude EyeshadowPalette and I'm going to use the shade Matt Singh on my crease area as a transition shade.

I'mjust blending back and forth with the shade.

I'm going to give a bit of color.

The firstshade that I'm going to use is from ColourPop.

It's their shade in Bandit.

It's a settingeyeshadow.

This is my favorite, favorite eyeshadow from ColourPop.

The intensity and the coloris so, so beautiful.

So, I'm going to place this all over my crease area and up to theinner corners I'm just going to blend it in and pack on as much as the intensity thatI want it to look like.

The next shade that I'm picking up is alsofrom ColourPop.

It is Smash by ColourPop.

This is another amazing shade from them.

It'salso a set-in finish.

I'm going to place this all over the lid area.

This is going to workas the lid color for me.

Just keep packing it on until you get the intensity that youwant it to look.

I'm going to use the same Sigma blending brush to blend over the shadeso that it doesn't leave any harsh lines.

I'm going to pick up the shade Bandit againand I'm just going to intensify the crease area.

Keep blending so that it doesn’t leaveany harsh lines.

These eyeshadows are easily blendable.

Next I am picking up the shade Onai.

It isactually a highlight shade and it's a set-in finish.

I'm just going to use this shade onmy inner corners and also my brow bone area.

I'm going to place first on my brow bone area.

And, now I'm going to line my inner lid using the Milani Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil.

This ismy current favorite eye pencil.

It's really, really amazing and it's very, very affordable.

For my upper lid area I'm going to use the Kat Von D Eyeliner in Trooper and I'm goingto line my entire lid area.

I'm slightly going to bring it out.

Now let's finish up the face area.

I'm goingto use the Makeup For Ever Lift Concealer for my under-eye area.

This is in the No4.

I'm going to use the beauty blender to blend in all of the concealers.

For a highlightI'm going to use the Chanel Éclat Lumiere Highlighter Face Pen because I'm out of myMac Prep and Prime.

This is a little bit thick.

I much prefer the Mac Prep and Prime comparedto this Chanel one.

I'm again going to use the beauty blender to blend it all in.

I'm going to set my under-eye area using theHourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light and Incandescent Light.

I'm just patting iton my under-eye area.

For the lower lid, I'm going to use the Mac Costa Rich Eye Pencil.

I'm just going to line them and then I'm going to blend it off using a pencil brush justto blend it in.

I'm going to use both shades Bandit and alsoOnai for the lower lid area.

Now I'm using the Bobbi Brown Eyelash Curler to curl myeyelashes.

For the mascara I'm using the IT Cosmetics Extensions Lash Mascara.

I'm sureyou guys can see all my marks on my forehead, so ignore that.

I'm really, really tryingto get that off.

For my lower lids I'm also going to use the IT Cosmetics Lash PrimerMascara as a mascara.

For my face area I'm just going to bronze.

I'm not doing any kind of contouring today.

I'm going to use the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzerand I'm just going to bronze up my face, my forehead, and also my chin area.

I'm goingto use the highlighter from Hourglass which is Luminous Light.

I'm going to place thisall over my cheek area just to give the highlight look even before I apply my blusher.

As ablusher I'm going to use the NARS Almeria Blush.

I believe this is a limited editionblusher but you can definitely get something very, very similar to this one.

It's moreof a kind of Terracotta pink blush which is really, really beautiful.

I'm just tryingto be light handed with it because it's really, really pigmented.

As a blush topper I'm usingthe Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Blushed Copper.

This is a limited addition which isnow available on Sephora, so if you want to get your hands on this definitely do so.

It'sa beautiful one.

For my lips I'm going to line my lips withthe Makeup Forever Lip Liner in Dark Brown.

The lipstick that I'm going to use is my absolutefavorite, Bite Beauty Cava Lipstick.

So, this is the final look and we are donewith the Marsala look for 2015.

Definitely check out my friend's collaboration with mewhich is from Deepika Makeup.

I'm telling you guys she is an amazingly sweet personso make sure you check her out.

Good-bye! So that was the final look of my tutorialwhich was Marsala.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this tutorial with me.

Until my very nextvideo please give me a thumbs up, share all your love and support and subscribe to mychannel.


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