Hi guys! Today I'm with the one and onlyLoretta Grace! I'm finally doing a make-upon a dark complexion.

Lots of you guyshave been asking for it, and I'm so happyto have Loretta as my model.

To show you amake-up tutorial on these tones.

We got inspired by Beyonce,in her last video "Hymn For The Weekend".

But we did change something,for example the nude lips.

We have a black smokey eyewith an olive green, gold reflection.

Strong brows, perfect basewith a special contouring, and nude lips.

Loretta is also on YouTube andshe has two channels: the first is "Loretta Grace",which is about music, the second is "Grace on your Dash",which is about makeup.

– For dark skins!- For dark skins.

Let's move to the tutorial,I hope you like it! Let's start with a moisturizer,this is the Matifying Fluid by Caudalie, since you told me thatyour skin tends to get oily, so this is ideal.

It's the first timeI show my bare skin.

– Really?- Yes.

I apply an eye cream,this is by Vichy.

I love it.

– I can tell you have an expert hand.

– Yes? Let's moisturize the lips.

Oh god, it smells weird,what's inside? I know, it doesn't smell good.

This is the Letibalm,I usually use the Blistex balm.

They smell bad, but they're greatbefore make-up as moisturizers.

Taste it! Please taste it! Please, lick your lips! It's very good, it's sweet.

So you lick the.

For foundation, I'd liketo use yours: the Teint Idole Ultra.

I would have used theUrban Decay Naked, which I love, but I'm curious to try this one,which is in the shade 10.

<i>This </i>smells good.

Yes, true.

All foundations by Lancome do.

I'm applying it with theContour Brush by Real Techniques.

Now with a damp Beauty BlenderI work the product into the skin.

– You never do it?- No, I'll start doing it! The coverage is the same,but it looks more natural.

This is so cool! I apply on the entire eyelidthe black Eyeshadow Base by NYX.

I apply it on the entire lid.

It's hard to apply make-upon my eye shape.

Do you often get your make-updone by make up artists? Lately, I've been doingmy own make-up, for TV, or theater.

I do it myself.

I had bad experiences in the past,I should trust them more, but.

Beautiful! Now I applypowder eyeshadows.

I mix Petra and Carameleyeshadows by Nabla: one is more on the red side,the other one is more orange.

I use a soft brush,this one is by H&M.

– Are you joking?- I don't know if they still have them.

I apply them in the creaseas transition shade.

When I was littleI was very insecure.

– Really?- Yes.

I didn't like myself.

Sometimes I would lookin the mirror and think: "No, I don't want to be like this".

– Oh, really?- Yes.

I didn't have any beauty models,unlike all the other girls.

they looked upto actresses or singers.

Back then we didn't have allthe dark skinned artists we have now.

I now apply on the center of the lidthis eyeshadow called Extravirgin.

It's an olive green,with a golden reflection.

Very pretty.

I pad it on the center of the eye.

On this black base it's beautiful.

I leave it intense in the centerand I blend it towards the edges.

– Are you using the same brush?- Yes.

I then take a brown eyeshadow.

– Do you like it?- I like it a lot.

I then take a dark brown,this is Camelot, and I intensify the outer Vand blend upwards to give more definitionand shape to the eye.

Now I use Glitz,an old gold shade, and I apply it in the center,to emphasize the reflections.

With the black kajal pen by YSLI give definition to the eye.

With a soft brush I blend it- this is a lip brush.

Now I go on with the base.

With the Kryolan Circle,which I absolutely love, I want to see what you do now! I mix these two shades andI conceal and highlight the under eye.

With the concealer, I also definethe shape of the eye make-up.

I hate sharp lines,later I will blend the lower lash line.

This is basically what I do.

I hate using the adhesive tape.

No, the tape for the winged liner,no.


No, no, no.

With the same concealerI also correct this area here.

On dark skins, this areaaround the lips is always darker and grey.

So we have to warm upand highlight this area, otherwise we get the same effectof an under eye circle.


You are the first to say this.

I've never hearda make-up artist saying this.


This is such great coverage.

With the lighter shade, sinceI know you love nose contouring, I apply it on the center of the nose and also here.

Ah, now I'm curious.

– This is a brush by Coastal Scents.

– Coastal Scents? Where did you get it? They sent me this kita long time ago, with new products, and I love this white brushes set.

They have amazing brushes.

Now I use the darker shadeand I apply it on the bone.

I bring it in the crease.

This is what Sonjdradeluxealways does as well.

I always ask her:"How do you do it?" It's important, otherwiseit doesn't look natural.

– And also here.

– Ah, I've never tried this.

– I apply the same shade here.

– Ah, that's clever.

Now we need to blend.

I always do it with a Beauty Blender.

I use the same shadealso to sculpt.


With the Beauty BlenderI apply Banana powder by Ben Nye.

With the same spongeI used for the baking, I press a bit of powderon the rest of the face, without adding too much powder.

This way we prevent oilinessand we keep the skin matte.

– How long does it take to set?- Just the time for the brows.

And I also want to seewhat you do here! I use the Brow Divine in Jupiter,which is a dark brown.

– Directly, without brushing them?- No, first I brush them.

– This one is by Anastasia?- Yes.

Now I use Auborn,the darker shade, and I warm up.

And then I use Dark NudeMagic Pencil by Nabla.

And I blend.

I had some doubts, but.

I set the brows with the ClearBrow Gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

In the corner of the eyeI apply Bombay Black, Bombay Black Velvetline by NABLA.

– You've never tried this one?- No.

It's one of the blackest pencils ever.

In the waterline it lasts foreverbecause it's totally matte.

I go back to the kajal by YSLand I define the lower lash line.

And I blend it.

I add some black in the corner.

Now it's time for mascara.

It's the HypnoseVolume a Porter by Lancome.

This mascara is gorgeous.

– Wow, your lashes.

– My lashes are difficult.

– They're amazing.

– No, they're difficult, with false lashes it's a mess.

She's complaining becauseshe has curved eyelashes.

Let's apply falsies,these are by K.


, and I use the medium ones.

You need to give methe same effect you give to Marina.

– All.

You know.

– OK.

– You applied it already?- Yes.


You need to teach me how you do it.

– You applied this one as well?- Yes.

I emphasize the contouring withthe Face Contour Kit by Sleek, this is in the shade Medium.

For highlight, I useGold Deposit by MAC.

I apply some fixing sprayto emphasize the effect.

For blush, I useBurnt Pepper by MAC.

I apply it onthe apples of the cheeks, to give a healthy touch.

To dark skinned girls,because to the rest of you.

It's a slap touch.

For lips, I draw the shapewith Spice lip pencil by MAC.

Then I apply Bulkis by Nabla.

It's kind of a peachy nude.

It's time for mascara on the falsies.

Yes, go wild with it.

So this is the final look,I hope you liked it.

– Do you like it?- I love it.

What is differentfrom what you usually do? Brows, which are thicker,and you didn't use the puff.

Yes, because she usespowder like this.

With loads of powder.

– Exactly.

– I'm glad you like it.

And the falsies are gorgeous,you need to teach me how you do it.

They all know I'm a fanof individual lashes.

They're beautiful.

I hope you found this video helpful,and I send you a big kiss!.

Source: Youtube