Makeup Tips : How to Choose an Eye Shadow Color

Makeup Tips : How to Choose an Eye Shadow Color

Hi, I'm Kim Haertl, with Simply Beautiful,in Austin Texas.

One of the most common questions we get, as a makeup artist, is, how to choosethe right eyeshadow color for your eyes.

You want to choose, if you have brown eyes, whichis the most common color eyes, you want to choose a color that is earth tone.

If we takea look, we want to go with some bronzes, some golds, some dark browns, some plums, and evena little black as highlighter and deepening.

A great color for blue eyes, starts with agold base, on the lid, then we want to go with a highlighting color of, say a plum inthe crease,and then just bring it down.

As you choose, you wan to go with a lighter, more neutralcolor as a highlighter.

Green eyes are especially good with plum colors as well, plums and grays.

You want to choose your base color, your crease color, and your highlighter.

Just go a littlebit darker in the corners, in here, if you just want to just deepen your look.

I'm KimHaertl, that's how to choose eyeshadow color.

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