Makeup Tips : How to Apply Shadow to Deep-Set Eyes

Makeup Tips : How to Apply Shadow to Deep-Set Eyes

Hi my name is Lauren with makeup by Dodgeand today we'll be discussing how to apply shadow to deep set eyes.

I must say deep seteyes are probably the absolute easiest eye form that you can put makeup on or eye shadowon.

It is just you can see very clearly where your crease is, you can see very clearly whereyour brow bone is, so when you are reading things and trying to learn how to put makeupon it is very defined for you already with your eyes.

The only problem with deep seteyes is sometimes it will create more of a shadow, more of a sunken look so what youare going to try to do is enhance a lot of the beauty part of that sunken look but bringparts of it out so it doesn't look too too deep set.

The first thing, we have alreadyput some evening makeup on Gina.

What we are going to do is pop it out a little bit andI'll show you exactly how this was achieved.

First you have the crease which is just inhere.

You are going to apply your contour in the crease and blend up just a little bitto the brow bone and you are going to put it just on the very outside of her eye togive it a little shape.

What is very important abut deep set eyes is the highlight that youapply and where you apply it.

Choose a highlight that goes very well with your skin color.

Sometimes white is too extreme.

White will be very very defining but you can go to likea nice shimmer, a nice pink shimmer it depends on the color palate that you choose.

For Ginawe are going to use just a little white and maybe just also a little beige or taupe withit and you are going to apply your highlight just up here to the brow bone where your eyebrowand your brow bone kind of meet just right in there.

Try not to put it on the eye browor else it will look ashy.

The other place that you want to consider putting highlightwould be on the inside corner towards the shadow that you had created and even on thetop where your eyebrow rests, right in the middle.

Look up, and the third place thatyou want to put highlight would be just under her eye in the corner, don't bring it allthe way out because you already have shadow there.

Just the inside corner will bring thispart of the eye out and this part of the eye back while keeping your eye very shaped.

That'show you do deep set eyes.

Source: Youtube