Makeup Tips – Back to School Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL Tutorial

Makeup Tips – Back to School Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL Tutorial


Que tal? It's me, Paulina, and I'm hereon the set with CoverGirl.

And we're going to show you howto do a quick and easy school makeup for whenever you'rerunning out the door.

So I can't wait to show you guys.

My nail polish, I already did.

I did this last night.

It's the CoverGirl XL NailGel in Bodacious Berry.

I absolutely love thisnail polish because it goes on kind of like a gel nail polishwithout having to go to the salon.

So you don't have to sit underthe UV light or anything.

You can just swipe it on.

And you only need onecoat, which saves my life.

So I'm going to be using this ReadySet Gorgeous foundation in 205.

I love this foundation.

It's super-natural.

It fights shine.

It's great for oilyskin, so us teenagers, we don't have to worry about that.

We can just get this on,and our skin looks flawless.

Ready Set Gorgeous.

Before using, remember toshake the foundation bottle.

I'm going to apply a little onmy cheeks, nose, and forehead.

Using my finger, I'llstart to blend outward.

Blending from the middleof your face outward will help you avoid severe linesnear your neck and hairline.

So I'll just keep blending untilI have an even tone all over.

So now we're moving on to mascara.

I'm going to be using theCoverGirl Clump Crusher in Black.

You cannot clump this mascarano matter how hard you try.

You can do 30 swipes of itand it will still not clump.

First, I'm going to curl my lashes.

I'll hold an eyelash curlerat the root of my upper lashes and hold for about 5 seconds.

For maximum lash thickness, I'llhold the Clump Crusher brush as close as possible tothe base and wiggle it as I move up through the lashes.

So I'll let the mascara dry for about10 seconds, and then I'll do it again.

You can load up thevolume without clumps.

So next, I'm going to be applyingCoverGirl Colorlicious lip gloss in Give Me Guava.

This is great because the colorthat you see is the color you get.

Sometimes you'll apply lip gloss,and it'll go on totally sheer, and you're just like.

This is definitely the color thatyou're going to see on my lips in a few seconds.

For shiny, fun lipsminus the stickiness, I like to use an easy gloss.

Just apply this evenlyto the top and bottom.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

Muchas gracias.

I'm Paulina.

And I hope this tutorial helps make yourlife a little bit more easy, breezy, and beautiful.

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Hasta luego.

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