Makeup & Skin Care Tips : How to Apply Shadow to Hooded Eyes

Makeup & Skin Care Tips : How to Apply Shadow to Hooded Eyes

Hi I'm Kim with Simply Beautiful in Austin,Texas.

You too can make those beautifully mysterious eyes more beautiful with just afew simple tricks.

We start with a light shimmery color, very light and shimmery, blending fromthe eyelash to the brow.

We're going to bring the whole eye forward with this step.

Blendingreally well lash to brow.

The critical step is to take your neutral medium shade on afine brush and bring it higher than the brow, lifting your eye out this way to the outsideof your face.

So we're going to bring it up and out.

And then sweep it down.

So we havea light lid, a darker more neutral color coming up and out.

We're going to use just a deepshade, I like to put a little color, I'm using a little plum, along the lash line and inthe corner of the eye.

We're going to finish that with some mascara.

Focus the mascaratowards the outside of the eye.

So down tips, and up but sweeping it up and out.

Look up for me Megan.

And importantlyI think with hooded eyes we want to get the bottom lashes in the center.

So by doing thatwe're really going to open those eyes out.

The trick to achieving beautiful eyes whenthey're hooded is just bringing them up and out.

Minimizing the eyeliner on the lid ofthe eye.

Source: Youtube