Makeup for Television : Apply Eye Shadow Bronzer for TV Makeup

Makeup for Television : Apply Eye Shadow Bronzer for TV Makeup

Finally for our last procedure with the eyesis this last beautiful bronzy color.

Depending on what you prefer, I love this shimmery colorfor my eyes.

I'm going to use the same exact brush that I used for three of the eyeshadowsthat I previously used, which is a smaller bristles, and it's a very nice brush.

I justclean it off, and I tap it on here with this loose powder, and the only place that I'mgoing to place it, is a very small portion of my eye; which is almost near that whitearea.

It's almost where that white area ends and the neutral brown begins.

And, I'm onlyplacing it right there which is right about as small as my pinkie finger.

That's how muchI'm putting on there.

And, I'm going to do exactly the same to the opposite eye.

And,what this color does is it pops open the eye even more, because the, the more natural andlight colors that you have over your eye begins closer to your nose.

It separates this areato make your face a little bit more of what we call that perfect symmetry for the face.

And, makeup does that appearance, especially if you're going to be on T.


or on stage.

It's all about doing the appearance with makeup.

So, you can basically do anything you want,if you apply the makeup in a different ways.

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