Makeup for Older Women – How to Have Luscious Lips

Makeup for Older Women – How to Have Luscious Lips

Hi! I love the moment when I'm doing a makeover or actually making myself up when I put my lipstick on.

I just thinkit's the moment the face comes to life.

We've got three products which reallyhelp your lips to look the most luscious and gorgeous that they can.

And I'm going to show you how they work together.

So first of all our lip prime.

I was very keen to have this in the range because I've got that problem with feathering and bleeding.

My lipstick doesn't stay put.

It goes into the lines around my mouth so you get a fuzzy edge which doesn't look very nice.

So the way to stop it in its tracks is just to apply the lip prime on the edges like that and just ensuring that it's dry before you put your lipstick on.

Just rub it in, it drys quite quickly.

And, it also forms a lovely base for the lipstick and makes sure that it lasts longer.

So now the lip colour.

I'm going to use quite a dark lip colour just so you can see what I'm doing really.

I'm wearing a bright pink jumper today and I've also got these pink earrings so this is going to tone very nicely with those.

It's our Cherry Red which is our most vibrant cool toned lipstick.

I'm going to use a brush which always makes your lipstick look better, if you have the time to do it.

And I'm also going to use the trick of pressing on my lips to get the maximum area to cover.

Like that.

It's almost like you're doing a trout pout on yourself.

If your lips are quite thin, that's a trick that you can use, as I said, to get the maximum amount of lip available to put your lipstick on.

There we go.

So doing that to, as I said, create a nice sharp line and to optimise the amount of lip that you are covering and then if you want to just take off theexcess on the tissue and apply a second coat.

This is particularly helpfulif you've got a long day, or an evening, where you want your lipstick to look good for aslong as possible.

So a second coat and just make sure that your lipstick lasts as long as possible.

Difficult to speak and apply your lipstick at the same time! There we go.

I think that will do and last but not least – lip gloss – lip gloss, we call it lip shine, is lovely if you don't want to wear lipstick just put a little bit ofthis on your lips and they will just look glossier and more luscious and, as I said, you can get away without wearing any lipstick at all if that's the look that you prefer.

But for special occasions, I love a touch of this.

Just dabbed on top of my lipstick.

So the the way that you do it, with the wand and just literally dab it on like this.

Don't rub it, just dab it.

What you'redoing is you're just adding a lovely little shimmer of gloss.

There we go.

Can you see the effect of that? It just makes your lips look shinier and prettier.

So, I hope you enjoyed that.

Thanks for watching and remember we've got these three great lip products and they allwork together brilliantly.

Lip Prime, all our lip colours and finally lip shine.

Thanks for watching.


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