Hey there my Beauties!~ As you can see here, today's makeup look is for those wearing glasses.

However, this should also be OK for those want to change into a new look.

Let's get started!~ I've finished applying primer.

Now let's come to color correcting concealer.

I'll be applying green on the acnes, this helps to neutralize the redness.

I've just finished with antibiotics, so pimples keep coming over and over.

This is so frustrating~ And I'm using this peachy color on my undereye areas to neutralize these panda eyes.

This is my all-time favorite foundation.

This has been my 3rd bottle and I don't think I'll change into sth else.

It can cover the pigmented spots and is not oxidized all day long.

Using a big dense brush to blend it in smoothly.

Though it's foundation, it's quite lightweight, suitable for using both in the summer and autumn.

Check out this "Light Neutral" shade if you have the same skin tone like mine! Besides the Tarte foundation, these Tarte concealers are also my must-have.

These were gifts from Tina, and I've almost used them up.

Using a damp sponge and dab in the concealer under the eye to cover all those ugly dark circles.

Next, I'm using powder to apply on my undereye to set everything up.

If you want your makeup to last longer, then wait for 10-15 minutes, and blend it with a brush.

This step is especially necessary to avoid creasing and fading under the eyes.

Then use just a lil' pressed powder to set my foundation where much oil is produced like my T-zone and nose sides.

And of course, you can also skip this step if you want to.

I'm quite surprised with this brow liner from ZA.

The tip is small and slender, not too soft or too hard, easy to draw natural brow shape.

I'm using the shade "Natural Brown".

For today's makeup look, I'm gonna stick with straight brows.

To even out the color of my brows, I'll need this mascara.

I'm nearly using it up.

This "01 Rich Brown" shade is super easy to use.

One eye of mine has become hooded apparently.

So I'm just gonna use this eyelid tape before applying eyeshadow.

Today's eyelook is super simple.

First, I'm gonna apply this brownish pink Bellini shade all over my eyelid.

A lil' brown will create some depth for the eyes.

You should emphasize your eyes since they have been mostly covered by glasses.

I'm not gonna apply this shade too high to make sure it still looks natural.

Next is a reddish brown, Summer Yum.

I'm gonna apply it at the outer corner, then use a brush to blend it in, both on my eyelid and my lower line.

As I'm short-sighted, I need to wear contact lens or I wouldn't see a thing.

So today I'm using these contact lens with the size similar with my eyes', and the color is not too outstanding.

These are called "Cherrie", one of the 4 colors in the Changlook collection, which is a collaboration of me and Doll Eyes Vietnam.

You can skip this step if you don't want to.

But I think you should tightline to increase the depth of the eyes.

I'm gonna draw a thin line for today's look.

The tip of this ZA eyeliner is quite soft and sharp that help drawing sharp lines.

You can use a brown liner for a more natural look.

Black usually looks more edgy I'm gonna drag down the line to create a "Smiling Eye" effect.

Using a white eyeliner, I'm gonna draw it at the center part of my waterline to make my eyes look bigger.

You can skip this, but this shimmery liner on the lower line will help brighten up your eyes.

And your eyes will immediately become outstanding.

A lil' highlighter at the inner corner and we'll curl the lashes.

I'm not gonna use falsies today.

'Cause I know how it feels when the falsies keep touching the glasses and I want this makeup look as simple as possible.

For curly, black, thick lashes, I'm using this Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara.

This doesn't smudge and curls my lashes in a very long time.

For my lower lashes, I'm using a sparse-bristle mascara to avoid clumps.

Applying mascara on the lower lashes helps widen the eyes way more.

I'm not gonna focus much on contour, only under my cheekbones, my jawlines and forehead.

Oh, and also on the 2 sides of my nose bridge.

Contouring is my must-have step! Well, it depends on each person.

Since I have a round face, I want my face to look a lil' slimmer.

Just a lil' brown powder could change it all.

That's a wonderful thing about makeup.

Of course you can skip this step.

There are no rules for makeup.

The most important thing is that you feel happy and comfortable.

This is my daily go-to highlight palette.

A lil' bit on the cheekbones can create a more radiant and brighter look for the face.

I'm not into the Korean glowy finish.

'Cause after that, my face would become oily and look really odd.

So I only use highlighter on specific areas, rather than make my whole face look glowy, like on my cheekbones, nose bridge, forehead.

Using a cushion blusher to dab the blush in to create a lifted, glowy look.

This CR02 shade is a orange pink, which looks super cute.

Now, I'm gonna use another pink blush to intensify it.

In this step, I'm gonna dab and blend it outward evenly.

Using the previous foundation brush to lighten your lip color and apply lipstick in gradient.

This is the brownish pink "Bond Girl" shade from Charlotte Tilbury.

Using it on my inner lips and press my lips to even it out.

Today's makeup look is all about pink.

So I'm just gonna stick to pink lipstick only.

Then, using a darker reddish pink to apply on my inner lips.

Ombre lips can create a youthful look without losing the originality.

So that's the last step of today's makeup look.

The products detail gonna be in the description box below.

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Stay gorgeous! And I'll see you in the next video~.

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