Makeup Brushes Guide Part 4 – Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Brushes | FaceQuizite

Makeup Brushes Guide Part 4 – Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Brushes | FaceQuizite

So next we are going to be talking about theeyebrow brushes and the eyeliner brushes ok, so am going to start with the eyebrow brushes.

So we have things like this, you know, like so.

Ok let me do it one at a time so you cansee.

So this is the Zoeva 322, and it's really stiff and it's stumpy and it's angled, andit is perfect for defining the eyebrow.

You just, it sits really nicely against the browyou know.

So if you are using a brow pomade, or a dip brow, you know, this is the brushfor you ok.

It is stiff and i think it's made of synthetic hairs but this is what you needok.

Now if you use a pencil and you then go ahead and fill that pencil in with brow powderyou could use something like this.

These are stiff but not as stiff as the one i just showedyou, and obviously not as stumpy.

Because you are using them to apply powder, you aregoing to brush the powder into your brows, it has to be slightly softer with a bit morecontrol.

However it still needs to be a bit stiff.

So it still is a bit stiff, it's justnot as stiff as this one.

So this can also be used as an eyeliner brush quite franklybut its not designed for that.

You know but you can easily use it as an eyeliner i thinkit will be perfect, but it is brilliant as an eyebrow brush, especially if you are applyingAnastasia Beverly Hills, you know, all those kind of pomade, you know the gel eyebrow,whatever, PERFECT!!!!!!! This is perfect Divas, perfect, perfect, perfect, per, per, per,perfect.

Go and grab your copy NOW!!!! you won't understand that unless you've seen aNollywood movie.

I apologise Divas.

Ok back to my serious self.

So, go get that for yourpomade eyebrow whatever.

And this is good for your pencil, you know your powder eyebrows,Powder eyebrows??? what is wrong with you Grace? You know what i mean.

This is greatto apply the powder, the eyebrow powder, that's it.

Eyebrow Powder.

I got it in the end didn'ti? So that's what that's for.

Now am going to include this brush because of what i useit for ok.

Now this is a MAC.

and it's rubbed off.

I've had it forever, let me see if ican, i think it's a 226, I can't really see it.

I've had it forever a MAC 226, yes i thinkit's a 226.

It's really dinky, it's angled, it's real hair i think, but Divas, this iswhat i use to apply the concealer on my eyebrows.

I've always done.

And then when i wan to dothe top i just, can you see how it looks.

You place it on the side and you take it allthe way round like that.

This is what i use because obviously it just gives me more control.

I just like it.

I mean you can use a concealer brush and all that jazz, but the smaller thebrush, the more control.

Don't forget that.

So this is perfect to define your brows Divas.

You know when you apply that concealer, something like this is perfect for you ok.

There yougo.

Now this little thing here is actually, it looks like a little comb with metal teethbut is actually an eyelash comb.

Now i have to be honest, this never works for me.

I'vetried different eyelash combs they just cannot pick up my lashes.

So, I don't know why i'vegot them in my kit, but anyway am talking about brushes and am going to tell you whatthis is for even though it's typically not a brush.

However, it's a tool, it's a makeuptool, and it's with my brushes so i thought i'll talk about it, but it's and eyelash comb.

The spoolie, which i can't find for some reason, i know it's here somewhere but i just can'tfind it, It's like this but it has like a mascara wand.

So rather than it having this,erm, i don't know, teeth thingy, it has like a mascara wand and it's used to basicallyjust brush your brows, tidy up your brows before you, you know, before and after youdefine your brows.

That's what that is for.

But like i said, i can't find mine.

It's aroundsomewhere but i can't find it, so if i do see it later on i will show it to you beforethe end of this tutorial, but yea, that's a lash comb.

Now onto the eyeliner brushes.

There is one missing, i can't find it.

but anyway.

I'll talk to you about the one i that'smissing.

This is an angled eyeliner brush.

However the one i can't find, is exactly thesame thing but not angled.

So it's straight ok.

I actually, even though i got this angledone, i prefer the straight one so i hardly ever use this ok.

But hey, you know, for somepeople they prefer it because they can just, some people prefer it because they can justhold it to the side of the eyes and go like that but, i don't reach for it that much.

This is another one that, this is like the eyebrow brush but it's a bit more stiff, youknow.

You know the eyebrow brush that i said you can use for powder eyebrow.

Powder eyebrow??anyway you know what i mean.

Eyebrow powder that's it.

I don't know what's wrong withme today, but yea this is similar to the brush that i said we could use to apply eyebrowpowder, however, this is made of synthetic hairs and it's stiffer.

And it's stiffer becauseyou are going to dip it into your gel eyeliner, it's perfect for gel eyeliner and you aregoing to use it to draw that line and you know some people really lean towards thisbecause they prefer it, but once again this is not one that i lean towards.

You know igo for that skinny straight one, the one like this but straight, that's the one i prefer.

Or, these ones.

This is my absolute favourite, because it's nice and thick, and it's pointy,so i prefer this especially if am going for a thick winged eyeliner, this is the brushfor me.

Otherwise, like i said, i go for the straighter version of this.

But you know,it depends on what works for you.

A lot of people prefer this.

So it's just what worksfor you.

There is no, I can't say one is better than the other, it's just what works for me.

Because i've always used those, so am used to them.

I got these because i thought, Ohyea, they are angled, it's going to be perfect, but i don't reach for it that much.

So yea,those are the different eyeliner brushes that we have.

Did i say pencil? i meant brushes.

So we have this one which is fantastic for gel, i mean they are all fantastic for gelactually.

I mean what else are you going to apply these with? Am i speaking good English?what else are you going to apply these brushes with if not gel liner? You catch my driftdon't you? but anyway, those the ones.

And we are done Divas.

I think i've covered everything.

So now unto the lip brushes, am not doing this in any particular order Divas i justpacked every thing in groups and whichever one my hands touched is the one i talk aboutok.

So this is your lip brushes, and they are not always synthetic, however i preferthe synthetic ones.

I also have a lip brush that is like this but not as wide, but forthe life of me, i can't find it, in fact, i have a couple.

The taklon or whatever theycall it ones.

But i can't find them so these will have to suffice for today.

But yea theseare just used, they are usually shaped like this, I don't know if you can see, like that,and they are, you know usually small and tapered and you can use that to apply your lipstickor your lipgloss.

I have a couple of these but actually maybe i should have gone intothat kit, i probably would have found more lip brushes there but, yea that's what i usefor my clients because obviously, i depot my lipstick, the ones i use on my clientsand i just scoop out whatever i need with the back of my hands and then i use this toapply it onto the lips.

It's hygienic, i don't apply lipstick directly onto the tube ontomy clients, but i do that for myself because i have my own lipstick separately.

So theylook like this, or sometimes they can look like this, and sometimes they can look likethis which is wider and more tapered.

The one i can't find actually is very very similarto this.

But this is my Ben Nye brush that i use in applying my Lumiere cream eyeshadowswhich i use as bases a lot of the time for my more colourful eye looks.

So those arethe lippy brushes.

I hope you found this video tutorial useful.

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