Hello guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ While doing this makeup, I'll be doing first impressions on Becca – Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector.

In the shade Papaya.

And then, Tarte – Naughty Nudes Tartiest Lip Paint In the colour Crop Top.

and then, my new brush- ZOEVA's 144 Soft Concealer brush.

Okay, I'll be starting with- moisturizer.

and then I'll be priming my face, with a silicon based primer.

I will apply it to any area that has large pores.

Just a little bit and I apply it where I want to erase the pores- and to the area that is oily.

Then I'll be using, a hydrating primer to apply at my dry areas.

The new product that I has bought was, Becca's Targeted Colour Corrector in the shade, Papaya.

There's two shades (actually 4), peach and papaya.

(Violet, Pistachio, Peach and Papaya) I'm not sure what to choose.

So I chose, Papaya.

So, I'm hoping that this colour would work on me.

If its too strong, I'll be using it lightly.

Then, I'll be using this brush for colour correcting or for concealing.

It has shimmers in it.

(?_?) Just a little bit.

I should wash this brush before using it.

So now, I'm going to move on to foundation.

Shake before use, and mix it with CoverFX Custom Cover Drops.

Lightly dab the product, and then we will build up the coverage.

I want a flawless face, because- the lipstick colour is dark.

So, flawless skin is a must.

I'm gonna apply some more, only to the place that is needed.

Now, I'm going to powder- because the makeup base is heavy, so we need to set it to avoid the foundation, to slip and slide.

I'm going to set at the place that I concealed.

I only powder at the area that I always gets oily.

For eyebrows, I like that- natural looking eyebrows.

Because, the lip colour already be looking- strong.

If the eyebrows were strong and the lips too, then the look would look harsh.

So, this is the eyebrows.

Oh yeah! Before that, I'm gonna- use lip balm.

Because my lips feel so dry right now.

So, I'm gonna use this colour in the middle.

and I apply it to my entire eyelid.

I'm elongating it, just a little bit.

So that, my eyes would look longer.

Can you see the difference? Now, I'm still gonna use the same colour, and I'm going to apply the eyeshadow with this brush, on my bottom lashes.

Apply some more colour on to the lids.

Now, I'm using this 'Espresso' colour.

As my eyeliner.

Then, using the 'Sable' colour.

Apply it to the bottom lashes, to define the eyes.

Take the blending brush, and blend everything.

And then, I take the same brush- and apply this colour.

On my inner corner.

Then, I'm going to curl- and mascara my eyelashes.

Now, I'm to apply a little bit of bronzer.

I squeezed the brush, so that it would be small to do nose contouring.

With the leftover products, I contour my nose with it.

Now I'm going to highlight.

Because the eyes are very peachy.

So I'm going to use the same eyeshadow shade, on to my cheeks.

I originally bought this for my dark skin clients.

If only I can open the box.

There's nothing to wipe my lips with.

I'm wiping it with my top.

Smell like- Revlon's lip balm.

(Peppermint) The 1920's.

Source: Youtube