Makeup Artist Tips : Applying Base Eye Shadow

Makeup Artist Tips : Applying Base Eye Shadow

Next we're going to apply a base eyeshadowwhich is a neutral color over the entire lid.

Starting from lash line blending all the wayup to the brow bone.

This is going to even out the skin color on the lids and it's alsogoing to give you a base coat so that you can blend the other eye shadows more easily.

The key with good eye shadow is blending, you always want to blend.

So starting witha light color from the lash line all the way up to the brow bone, covering the entire lid.

I even like to go right into the corner of the eye where we naturally get a little bitdarker.

And then once it's evened out we can apply a darker color over the top of thatand blend it all together.

And we're going to stick with neutral colors for that freshhealthy summer glow.

Source: Youtube