Make Your Face Great Again Makeup Tutorial

Make Your Face Great Again Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys, it's Tess here, and I'm ready withanother beauty blog for you.

A lot of you guys had been writing me and asking me todo this really popular look, that's trending these days.

It's not strobing, it's not contouring,it is Trumping.

So I'm really excited to make your face greatagain.

The first thing you're going to need is to pick a concealer.

And, you want to picka concealer that is about ten shades lighter than your skin tone.

I personally like touse a shade that is called "Veiled White Supremacy", but really you can just use any shade thatis really light and makes you look really dehydrated.

The next thing you want to move around isto is to the lips.

With your lips, you want to make sure that it looks like you've beenrunning your mouth all day, like you've been like talking, and talking, and talking, becauseyou like really love to hear yourself talk.

To the point where you're like oh, I don'teven make any sense and I contradict myself.

And like, go and be like really care freeand not think about the consequences of anything that you're saying.

Anything that you're saying.

And you know you're done when it looks like,basically it looks like a chapped um, anus.

Like a chapped asshole.

So now, that I've basically done my wholeface, with my foundation, what I'm going to do is pick a bronzer.

So it's really importantthat you pick a bronzer that is really orange.

You don't want it to be tan or brown.

Becausethen somebody's going to ask for your birth certificate, and that is a definite no no.

Now, for the most important beauty trick thatwe have in this Trumping tutorial, it's to take some Cheetos, and what I like to do isto smash them up into a finely milled powder, and then apply that over my face.

Making surethat I use goggles to protect the eyes because that's already like a done, finished partof my look.

So, I'm going to take these and smash them.

I like to like, smash these Cheetos.

Um, kind of like the way I think Donald Trump walksaround like his house.

And like ah! Smashes things, you know, like UH! I am so smart.

People tell me I'm smart! Build my wall! Who is David Duke? I hate everyone because that'sgood leadership! Sound bites and lies! Okay, let's finish our look.

Viola! This faceis winning, America.

Remember, with Trumping, it's not what you look like that makes youugly.

Thanks, America! Love you, bye!.

Source: Youtube