Okay ladies, I know most of you at one pointor another have come home with a new eyeshadow palette and you're so excited about it.

But,raise your hand if three months later that palette is sitting in the bottom of your makeupdrawer, and you've only used two to three shades.

That's why we've created the paletteto end all palettes.

Say hello to the new Full Exposure Palette.

What makes this palette so special is it's so much more than just gorgeous sets of neutrals.

It's a palette that's actually going to give you the most gorgeous eyes ever by focusing on youreye shape.

We basically focused on the three E's of eye makeup: essential, effortless and enhanced for your eye shape.


The first thing you need from apalette is a set of gorgeous shades that are always going to be essential in your makeupkit.

We have 14 of them right here in these amazing universally flattering neutral shades.

These colors look good on everyone.

We've covered the entire spectrum from nudes toblacks.

The formula is super blendable and totally crease resistant.

Plus, the long wearingshimmer works perfectly with velvety smooth mattes.

You can make any look with these 14neutrals.

I'm talking minimally pretty to super sexy smoky.


The last thing you want to do is be confused about how to apply the differentshades.

But, this palette right here takes all the guesswork out of doing your eyes.

First you've got your shimmers up at the top and mattes along the bottom.

So you can decidehow much shimmer you want in your look.

Then we have the amazing little insert with thehow-tos.

Finally there's a fantastic double ended brushthat we've made just for this palette to make applying these shadows so so easy.

One sideis fluffy and perfect for blending matte shades, and the other is flat to easily lay down theshimmer shades without sparkle overload.

We made one side white and one side black soyou won't have to worry about dipping a light shade into a dark shade.

Last but definitely not least, enhanced for your eye shape.

One of the most importantthings I've learned on set from the hundreds, maybe thousands of people that I've workedon is how important shape is when applying eye shadow.

A look that looks amazing on yourfriend might not be great for you.

So, your eye shape should actually determine how toapply the shadow.

Our awesome R&D team went out and looked atmore than 5,000 eyes.

They id'd six main shapes.

So, we've created these custom looks for eachshape to show you how to get the most out of your gorgeous eyes.

We've got looks forday and night.

Plus, a defined look for each eye shape, so you're totally covered.

And of course you can make these looks work with practically any combination of the shades.

If I only had this one palette in my kit form now on I'd be totally covered on set.

It workson every skin tone and every eye shape so I can use it for big deal photo shoots andfor my own instagram selfies.

I love this palette.

It's the little blackdress of eye makeup.

So what's next and how do you make the most of this palette? Well,if you're not sure about your eye shape we can help you figure it out.

Or, if you alreadyknow your eye shape, we can show you how to get the look that will make your eyes themost gorgeous they can be.

We've got videos for eye shapes and all different looks foreach shape.

All you have to do is visit our YouTube channel or Smashbox.

Com to find them.

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