Mahou Shoujo Alexa: Magical Girl Makeup Tutorial | NYX Face Awards 2016

Mahou Shoujo Alexa: Magical Girl Makeup Tutorial | NYX Face Awards 2016

Hey guys! I hope you liked our little animestory today! To start us off, big thanks to you for votingfor me in the 1st challenge of the NYX Face Awards, and because of you, #TeamAlexa is now in the Top 20! Yayyy! For the Top 20 Anime challenge I decided to create a mahou shoujo story andcharacter, a genre of anime that literally means MagicalGirl! So while I start off this transformation byputting on some big anime-style circle lenses and applying my base makeup, let's talk anime just a lil bit.

I can't helpmyself, sorry! If you have seen any of my other videos, you have probably noticed that I try to livepretty much my whole life as a magical girl, so when picking an anime style, I just HADto.

I had to.

Even if you don't watch anime, I bet you'veheard of at least one magical girl anime, but mahou shoujo is much, much more than justSailor Moon, so if you like sparkly girls with magicalpowers and amazing transformations, there is a whole world of anime out therefor you to check out.

So do it! Okay! Makeup! So, I've already applied myprimer, foundation, concealer, and powder.

Now using the Ombre Blush from NYX, I apply pink blush just to center of my cheeksto get that super cute blushing look that you so often see in anime.

Now for my eyebrows, I am using NYX's CosmicGel Eyeliner in Interstellar which is the hot pink one.

It's a little bit hard to see here, but thecosmic gel liners have glitter in them so it's perfect little touch for a magicalgirl like me! And then after I fill in my brows, I go over them with a hot pink eyeshadow toset the gel liner in place.

Now using the Lid Lingerie Eye Tint whichI guess is technically an eyeshadow but works great as a primer, I am priming my eyelids to get a nice shimmerywhite base for the eyeshadow look.

Then I am coming in on top of that with thelightest color in the Avant Pop Art Throb palette which isalmost white and has the perfect shimmery finish.

Now that my eye area is all super light andbright and white, I am going to bring in some color.

Starting with a soft pink, I cover most ofmy lid except the inner corner.

We are gonna keep that inner corner whitethroughout this whole look to help keep the eye looking open and awake.

Now using a hot pink, deepen the crease, butno major blending! For the animated look, I am going to leaveit as a super defined line, as if it were just hand drawn on an animecharacter.

For this look we are going for super hugeand rounded eyes.

My eyes are already kind of big and round but if your eyes are NOT like mine, you can simulate the look with a rounded creasecontour and by using eyeliner techniques which arecoming up next to change up your eye shape.

Thick, thick, round eyeliner is the name ofthe game for this look.

I am doing a double-liner for this characterbecause I love the look of white eyeliner, but the thick black eyeliner is a crucialpart of making your eyes look huge, so I'm just gonna do them both! When I am doing really huge eyeliner likethis, I like to mark out the center point so I knowhow high I want to make the line and so that I have a bit of a guideline formaking both side even.

Once I have the center point, I connect itto the inner and outer corners of my eyes.

Now I do the same thing with a black gel liner.

When I am shaping my eyeliner for round-eyecosplay and anime looks, I usually keep the highest point of the eyelinerright in the center of the eye and keep the line thinner at the inner andouter corners to give the eyes a circular arch.

Another tip for rounding out the eyes is notadding a wing to your eyeliner.

Winged liner makes your eyes look longer insteadof rounder, so instead of winging, just stop at the cornerof your eye to set yourself up to round the eyeliner out on the bottom.

Before adding the bottom eyeliner, I go aheadand sweep some of pink eyeshadow from my crease along under my eyes to tie the top and bottom of the eye looktogether.

Now back to the black gel eyeliner to finishrounding out the eyes.

I am overdrawing my under eye quite a bitto make my eyes look much bigger and to make the shape of them as circularas possible.


everyone knew this was coming, so let'sjust do it.

Jumbo eye pencil in Milk.

Anime eye essentials101.

Fill in your waterline with the best whiteeye pencil in the history of the planet.

Using Badunkadunk mascara, I coat my top lashesand the outer third of my bottom lashes.

Now I'm gonna take a break from the eyes because my transformation from normal anime characterto magical girl is likely gonna get glitter everywhere soto keep the glitter out of my lashes, we will come back to the eyes in a littlebit! To get this magical girl looking magical, I'm going to put a big glowy pink and goldjewel right in the middle of my forehead just soeverybody knows, hey I'm magical, okay? Starting with the outer edges of the forehead,I am using the pink Macaron lippie to create the shadow from the glowy foreheadstarburst.

Since the starburst is in the center of myforehead, the outer edges are the farthest away fromthe glowiness and would therefore be the shadowiest.

To blend the lipstick out, use sweeping motionsand a big powder brush to get a really soft edge.

Then I concentrate the color in just a fewspecific places by applying some more of the lipstick and blending it gently by buffing it out insteadof using those broad sweeping strokes.

This will keep the product right where youwant it! Now moving inwards towards the center, I am creating the first layer of glow usingthe lightest color in the Strobe of Genius palette.

An illuminator is perfect for this becauseit's ultra shimmery and a killer brightening highlight is exactlywhat we are looking for! Brush it onto the forehead, starting in themiddle and tapering outward.

Then I concentrate more shimmery glow right under where the jewel will be by usingthat whiteish color from the Avant Pop palette.

So once we are all glowy, it is finally timeto create the actual starburst.

To get a general idea of the origin point,I hold up my little heart jewel and trace around it with white eyeliner.

Now that we have a general guide for wherethe heart jewel will go, I use a white gel eyeliner to start drawinglines emanating from the center.

Then using a goldish bronze that matches thetrim on my ultra kawaii magical girl dress, to add some dimension to the starburst.

I am using the Lid Lingerie in Bronze Mirageon a tiny little brush to sweep this color across and all throughoutthe starburst.

Then I do the same thing with the white LidLingerie to make certain parts of the starburst glisten.

The Lid Lingeries are very reflective andpick up a lot of light, but when you're looking at them straight onwith a gigantic ring light in your face, they don't show up on camera quite like theydo in person.

So, take my word for it even though you can'treally see it here.

Don't skip this step! It looks great in reallife.

Then I just go back in with that matte whitegel liner again to define a few select lines to make them pop from the background, and I add a top layer of that shimmery whiteeyeshadow around the jewel again for more base glow.

Okay, so now is when glitter comes into thepicture.

I am pretty much gonna be throwing thisall over my face, so beware! GLITTER EVERYWHERE! But to keep glitter mostly where you wantit, you can use a glitter base like this one.

Now sweep some gold glitter onto the starburst! I was actually going to save the glitter for just my cheeks but since none of the shimmery stuff is showingup on camera right now and this whole thing is looking oddly matte, I decided glitter couldn't hurt.

And I lovethis decision.

The glitter looks so cute on the starburst!I love it! So now it is finally time to add our lil pinkheart jewel! I use a prosthetic adhesive on both my skinand on the back of the jewel for some extra sticky hold, wait for it toget tacky, and then hold it in place until it dries.

After it's stuck, I add some little gold rhinestonesalong the edges to fill out the heart and make it all fancyand to tie a little bit more gold into the colorpalette.

These particular rhinestones have a stickybacking so I was able to just stick them to my face, but if you are planning on doing this lookfor like a convention or any kind of all-day event, I would definitely attach them with a prostheticadhesive or something with a stronger hold than justa sticker.

That wraps up the forehead and now on to thecheeks! Start with the glitter base and then sweepon the gold glitter until your glittery magic heart can take nomore.

Add as much or as little as you like! Top it off with some super kawaii jewels tomatch your forehead centerpiece! I used little pink hearts under my eyes andsome gold rhinestones and gold star confetti mixed in with the goldglitter.

You can make your cheek deco symmetrical ortotally random.

It is up to you! Alright, so now we are done throwing glittereverywhere, and it is back to the eyeballs.

Quickly add on some super anime-looking topand bottom lashes to finish off the eyes.

These are really big and really cartoony.

They are my favorites for anime eyes! And now, the last bit of makeup for today'slook: the lips! As tempting as it was to do something crazyon the lips, my anime look is more about character creation for a character that you would actually seein anime.

Dramatic lip looks are incredibly uncommonin anime, unless you're doing like a monster or something, so to stay true to the mahou shoujo styleand most other anime styles, we are going with a subtle natural lip.

Using the Wonder Pencil, I lighten my lipcolor before adding the Liquid Suede lippie to the centerof my lips.

Top it off with an ultra glossy clear lipgloss just to the center of the bottom lip for a plumpingshine.

And boom! Makeup is done! Now just add on a big anime-style wig to completethe look! This hair is two wigs combined, put into ponytails,cut and styled, so definitely get creative with your hair! Hair can be a big part of an anime character'soverall silhouette, so make use of it when you are designing acharacter of any kind! And that wraps up my ultra kawaii mahou shoujoanime makeup tutorial! Thank you guys so much for checking out myanime tutorial! I really hope you guys enjoyed watchingthis little anime story where in my world, kindness and love alwaysprevail over bullying and hate.


So be kind to one another! And not just in our little anime world, butonline and IRL too! This has been a dream video for me and I would love to do more videos like this one, so if you would like that, give this videoa thumbs up to let me know! And oh hey- I know we are all here becausewe just love anime, but this video was made for the Top 20 AnimeChallenge of the NYX Face Awards so pleeeease help me get to the Top 12 ofthe competition by going to NYXFaceAwards.

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