Madoka COSPLAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL By Japanese Kawaii Model Hikari Shiina|MADOKA☆MAGICA

Madoka COSPLAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL By Japanese Kawaii Model Hikari Shiina|MADOKA☆MAGICA

Super round dolly eyes.

Form a contract with me and become a magical girl! Hello! I appear in fashion magazines like Popteen and KERA.

I also perform as "Pikarin the idol of the demon realms".

My name is Hikari SHIINA.

Today I am cosplaying as Madoka from "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica" Let's start! These are colored contacts that are often used for cosplay.

They also sell white contacts too.

I bought this at the Okadaya store in Shinjuku.

It has a slight purple tint to it which gives the skin a porcelain touch.

The powder puff is from Anna Sui.

My blushes are both from Candy Doll.

They are rose-pink and pink with a hint of purple.

I use both.

I use this generously, then the other one around it and then blend them together.

How I apply them: Their colors are quite pale, therefore I apply it several times in circling motions.

I smiled and applied it on my cheeks, trying to give me a bit of a fragile appearance.

I drew the eyebrows with this product too and then drew them downwards.

They come down in a gentle curve, again making me look a bit fragile.

After that I added color on top of my eyebrows.

This one is a cream blush.

If you can't find a pink eyebrow concealer, it will function as that.

Next I will use this concealer to hide the color of my eyebrows.

Any concealer should work.

It doesn't matter what type of foundation you use.

After applying the concealer, add this foundation on top to hide it away neatly.

I will also use this as my eye shadow.

I tried to keep it all in pink shades.

My eye line is created as a gentle curve as well.

I draw it right next to my eyeball all the way down.

Like a slide.

If you apply with a frown on your face, it works better.

This is mascara primer.

If you apply too much on the bottom lashes, it can look too flashy.

Madoka has dolly eyes and I wanted to express that.

That's why I applied it more delicately on the bottom.

For my top lashes I will use Diamond lash's "Allure" I cut a bit away on the outer corners and applied them.

Madoka's character trait are her lashes.

That's why I let them gently curve downwards.

I added them and pushed them into place.

After having applied the lashes, I added some more lash glue and pushed the sides into place.

I kept pushing it so they would keep the desired shape.

That way you might find that your eyes don't open properly anymore.

If you overdid it, then gently separate it like this for the best result.

The best place to start applying the lashes, would be to start from the inner corners where your iris sits.

Letting them go outwards and downwards.

I used lash glue to create an even lid crease.

I wanted to give Madoka a calm appearance, that's why I created a different crease.

I apply a brown mascara.

I thought black would be too strong, that's why I picked brown.

Don't apply them on all the lashes, just beneath the iris.

That gives you rounder eyes.

With an eyeliner from Lash Holic, blend the fake lashes in like this.

I bend the line even more downwards.

Next I will apply this shade of pink underneath my eyes.

With this I apply the white glitter on the inner corners of my eyes.

Madoka cries a lot, and in that fashion I give my eyes a teary, sparkly effect.

I add highlights to my the bridge of my nose.

I wanted my nose to look more slender.

The lip gloss is from Candy Doll.

It covers the natural colors of my lips and thus looks more Anime like.

I am glad I became a Magical Girl.

I really think so.

Thanks for watching guys! I have done several other tutorials.

Be sure to check them out.

Form a contract with me and become a Magical Girl! Hello.


What am I doing again? Thank you for watching! I am.

as you know.

as you know? That's not quite right.




I am so glad.

I really think so.

A phone is ringing, we must shoot this part again.

My mobile phone just rang!.

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