Mad Max Makeup Tutorial: Aunty Entity Desert Queen

Mad Max Makeup Tutorial: Aunty Entity Desert Queen

This Halloween costume is inspired by one of my favorite movies, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome; and I will be giving you fierce Tina Turner 'Aunty.

' Okay, so the first thing you're going to do to get this look started is use primer.

Primer is perfect for Halloween because you want that make up to last.

The primer is going to keep the makeup on.

Next, we're going to move on to the eyes, and then we're going to do the makeup.

So for the eyes, you want to use that brown right there.

I'm going to do the outer corner and work my way in.

I'm also going to exaggerate it by coming out.

I'm going to use this end, it's a smaller brush, and put that below.

What I enjoy about this look is it's very natural for a Halloween video.

For those of you that don't want to go buy Halloween makeup or if you want to wear this look on the town, this is for you.

And I'm going to use this loose pigment.

I'm going to use my finger.

I learned this trick from Mila Victoria.

And I'm just going to pat it on my eye.

Then I'm going to use this black eyeliner and shade the outer corner.

Then I'm going to do the waterline.

Then I'm going to smudge it all.

I'd love to know who you guys are going to be for Halloween so make sure you comment below.

Take this bigger brush and blend the corners out.

And then I'm going to take this shadow–it's like a shimmery–and put that on my brow bone.

And then another trick to create a more dramatic effect, I'm going to emphasize this corner, just below my brow bone.

So I'm using the same dark brown shadow I used on the outer corners.

See? I'm going to also take my lose pigment, and I use the pigments and I just kind of swoosh it around the lid.

Smoke it out.

So I'm going to use this Frame and Define Brow Styler–Universal Dark.

You can use this on black eyebrows, brown.

And then get your mascara out and dominate those lashes.

Because I be a drama queen that is dominating with my lashes! And I'm going to work on the rest of my face, starting with foundation.

I'm going to start working in circles.

Then you're going to use concealer.

Go back and just.

Then, lips! I'm going to start with this color.

I'm going to use the Revved.

Then I'm going to use this lipstick, Break Away.

And if you want to add some gloss, you can go ahead.

I'm using this pinky color, called Rebel.

I've got to do some contour! I'm just using the left overs from the eye shadow.

I almost forgot to chisel my cheekbones and because I'm giving you Tina Turner realness, we've got to go there.

So I'm using this loose makeup, Golden Dark.

Circular motions.

Tap the excess off.

Blend, trick, blend.

So it's like: chisel, chisel.

dab, dab! It's all about highlighting.

So I just took this foreshadow, which is kind of like, shimmery.

If you just put it on the tip.

kind of just blend it; creates fierce look.

Lashes! You've got to pull out them lashes for Halloween if you're doing a beauty look, okay, that is mandatory! So get it! And then I'm just going to go over the lashes with some black liner, and that's the completed face beat.

For the clothing, I found pieces that had a silver, iridescence quality, screaming queen of the desert realness–do you not see these DIY shoulder guards!? If you want to find out how I made these and styled this wig, make sure to read the description box for the link to the behind the scenes.

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dBe shameless, boo.

Happy Halloween!.

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