Loreal One Brand Makeup Tutorial | Collab w/ Lorena Urrea

Loreal One Brand Makeup Tutorial | Collab w/ Lorena Urrea

Hey everybody how are you? And if your new to my channel welcome! So today's video is super fun andexciting! It is my first ever one brand tutorial.

And this is also a collab withmy friend here on YouTube her name is Lorena Urrea.

I have collabed with her before,and she is really awesome!! Her channel is blowing up, and I'm sure you might have heard of her, and if you haven't you need to check out her Channel!! I'll have all of her stuff linked downbelow so you can check her out! We decided to each do a "One Brand Tutorial.

" She is doing all Maybelline, and I am doing all L'Oreal.

Be sure to go check out her "One Brand Tutorial" when you are finished watching mine.

And let her know that I sent you! Give her a whole bunch of thumbs up and some love! I did this tutorial a little bitdifferent.

I am talking through it.

Hopefully it's not as long as a typicaltalk through, so if you're excited for this then definitely keep watching! I'm actually starting with the L'Oreal"Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer.

" I recently picked this up becauseKathleenlights talks about this all the time.

So I figured I'd give it a go.

Especially because i'm going to be usingsome mattifying products, so I wanted to make sure my skin had a nice glow underneath.

This is just a nice pearlescent type primer.

I focus this on the outer portion of myface, and then blend inward.

For foundations i'm mixing these twofoundations.

These are like my go-to foundations right now! These are the L'Oreal "Infallible Pro Glow"and "Pro Matte.

" I am in Natural Beige for both, and I just like to mix both of them on the back of my hand; and then apply it with a "Flat Top Kabuki Brush" For concealer i'm using my "Magic Lumi Highlighting Concealer" in Light.

I'm going to focus this on the center of my face, and then also underneath my eyes tohighlight.

This doesn't have the highest coverage.

so I do like to layer this alittle bit under my eyes because I feel like it doesn't really cover my dark circles, but i really do like it! I just think I like the Maybelline "DreamLumi" a lot better.

Ok, so i'm going to set all of that withthis powder.

This is the "Infallible Pro Matte Powder" also in"Natural Beige," and I actually really like this! I've never really used a setting powderlike this.

Normally I go for like a translucent powder, but this one hasreally been keeping me matte all day and giving me a little bit extra coveragewhich I really like.

For bronzer, I'm taking this "Infallible Pro Contour," in the shade "Medium.

" I'm going in with the contour shade, andthis is a fan brush from Morphe.

It's the G23, and i'm just going to lightlycontour my face.

I really have been loving doing it withthe fan brush! I think it really gives it a nice diffused look which I love! Theni'm going to take this contour brush from Luxie, this is the 512 contouringbrush, and I'm just going to go ahead and bronze the rest of my face.

Does anyone else have a ridiculousamount of baby hair? I feel like I gained some baby hair fromwhen I was pregnant.

I don't know if that's possible but that's how it feels.

Then i'm going in with a small shadowbrush and I'm using this to contour my nose For blush I'm taking it thisL'Oreal "True Match Blush" in W56.

This was the prettiest blush and I sawthat I thought would look really great.

So i'm just going to take that on alarge stipple brush, and apply that to the apples of my cheeks.

Then i'm going in with the highlighting part of the contour palette This is a very, very subtle highlight, soi'm actually going to use my finger for the center of my nose and my Cupid's bow.

Then i'm also going to use my finger for applying it to the high points of mycheeks.

I'm going to move on to brows now.

I'm taking my "Brow Stylist Definer"in the shade "Dark Brunette.

" I actually really love this! This has been on her favorites before,and it's an awesome dupe for the Anastasia "Brow Wiz.

" It's also very similar to theNYX "Micro Brow," and they're around the same price.

So I just like to comb through my brows,and then go ahead and fill it in.

I'm not going to make it too crazy like defined today.

But i am goingto just fill it in nice and naturally.

I'm going back in with my concealer and i'mjust going to define them a little bit more.

This is actually going to help them be cleaner and not as crazy as I drew them on in the first place.

Ok, so now that's done! Now i'm going togo in with the Pro Contour kit.

Once again and i'm taking a fluffy creasebrush this is the Morphe E27 brush I'm going to take the contour shade andapply this into my crease as my transition I'm actually really excited to use theseshadows these are the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow.

I really love them so far.

I've been like obsessing over them and really wanting to use them in a tutorial!I'm going to take the shade "Bronze Taupe.

" Which is a weird color because it lookslike this in the packaging, but it actually is not that color.

When you openit up it looks like that, so it's a little odd, and i'm just going to packthat on the outer corner and then again on the inner corner because we are goingto do a Halo eye today.

I'm going to do one eye at a time because once this sets it's a little bit harder to blend! So i'mgoing to go ahead and take a Crease Brush and just kind of blend that outand then take whatever excess is there and blend it over.

I'm going back in with the contour shadeand I'm going to blend out the crease more.

Then i'm going to go in with thisshade right here this is a"Bottomless Lava," and i'm going to use my finger andapply that to the center of my lids.

I'm going in once again with a differentshade.

This is the shade "Eternal Sunshine," and it's a nice gold;and i'm going to pop that right in the center of the other shade i just applied.

So there's the general eye above.

Now i'm going to bring all of thatunderneath but before I do that I'm going to line my waterline with the"Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner" in black.

For the inner corners I'm going to takesome more of that gold shade and i'm just going to pop it right on the innercorner.

I'm going to apply eyelashes off camerathese are the KoKo.

I have them in my hand right here! Theseare the KOKO Lashes in "Bella," so i'll go ahead and apply this off camera and thencome back on! So my lashes are on and I did apply a little bit of this pencilliner just to blend in the lashes with my own lashes.

I don't have a gel or liquid liner fromL'Oreal.

I did tweet on Twitter that I have been trying to get this gel linerthat i ordered from ULTA, and they've sent me two incorrect products so i'mstill waiting on it.

So obviously it didn't make it into thisvideo.

So i'm going to blend my own lashes with the falsies using the L'Oreal"Voluminous Original.

" I love this mascara!! This is like one of my all-time favoritedrugstore mascaras!! So i'm going to go ahead and do that, and then also apply itto my lower lash line as well.

All I have left our lips I'm just going to do a simple pink glosstoday.

This is the "Infallible 8-hour Pro Gloss" in the shade "Sunset 415.

" I'm just going to apply that withnothing underneath.

So that was it for this tutorial.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it!!! This is the finished look! I really lovehow it came out!! I was a little bit bummed that I didn'tget to use a liner because I really wanted to do a nice winged liner for youall; but that didn't work out, and it's okay because I love this halo eye as well!I've been rocking this eye in a few videos already, and almostevery day since I got these "Infallible Shadows.

" I actually was trying a wholebunch of these for the first time for this collab, because I didn't realize I didn't own a lot ofL'Oreal.

I thought I did, but I didn't.

I just have a lot of L'Oreal foundations,but then I don't have like anything else from them.

So i got to try a whole bunchof great goodies! Give this video a big old thumbs up ifyou want to see more "One Brand Tutorials!" Make sure you leave me a commentdown below letting me know what brand you would like me to do next!! I do want to do more of these.

Don'tforget to comment like subscribe and follow me on my social medias which arelinked at the end of the video! I love you guys so much and I will see you inthe next video!!!.

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