Hey guys, today I have a super exciting productto show you today.

Today I am doing a look at the L'oreal LineurIntense Felt Tip Eyeliner.

This is in Black Mica.

It's a felt tip, and I love this felttip.

It is super easy to do thin or thick lines.

It's soft enough to move but notsoft enough that you can't control it.

It's a fragrance free formula that claimsto last 8 hours, suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, according to thewebsite.

I love doing a little cat eye with it.

Thefelt tip makes it so easy.

I have a really hard time using brushes.

like a brush tipeyeliner.

But I do love me a felt tip.

From our waterline I'm going to go in withmy it cosmetics no-tug waterproof gel eyeliner in black.

And then on the bottom I'm goingto use the same one in Highlight.

After that I'm going to go in with my MissManga Rock mascara – I really don't like this formula.

I think it's really clumpy and stuff,but I've gotten so many compliments wearing it.

I'm beginning to think I'm crazy andthe clumping is something that works for me.

I don't know.

I find it's really hard to applyand I always need to clean it up afterwards – although it does wear well as we will.

Maybe see (spoilers lol).

Hey guys, so here is the look in natural daylight.

Wish me luck today with this makeup – the whole thing has to last for at least 12 hours.

It's 10 o'clock now.

I'm going to a stagette which starts at.

I'm getting picked up at11am.

And ya, we are going to go all night.

So that is a long time.

We will see just howlong this stuff wears.

I love it, it's one of my like HG eyeliners – I compare everythingto it, I'm always like "I don't like this other one because it's not exactly the same"- so anyway guys I will check back a little later during the day – throughout the dayand ya I'll let you know how this goes.

I'm super stoked, congratulations Lyndsey – andya I'll see ya very soon.


Bathroom selfie time.

Hey guys, just checking in – it's in the afternoonnow, we are at a festival.

watching some Shakespeare.

Everything looks really good- I feel really greasy but everything is still in place.

Catch ya later.

This is right after I ate dinner – I was feelinga little extra greasy but everything again still looked great.

All right guys, it's the end of the night.

It is now 3:30am and I might be slightly drunk.

Let's take a look if I can still focus mycamera.

Everything still looks pretty good consideringI might have been napping on a couch for a little bit.

My concealer on my chin is defworn off, if you can see all my zits popping through there.

And my under eyes do look alittle darker.

I have to say the mascara and the eyeliner both look really great.

Thisis from 10 in the morning until 3:30 in the evening (I meant morning).

This is been like16-17 hours of wear inside, outside.

It's been crazy: It rained a little, it was sunny,I was sweaty, I had greasy food, I was drinking, so overall this is my absolute have-to-haveeyeliner.

If you were like "you can only have two makeup products for the rest of your life"I would pick this eyeliner and maybe any type of mascara.

I would be set for life.

I freaking love this stuff.

I highly recommendit.

I'm going to use it forever and I'm going to compare everything to it.

It is just myabsolute favorite.

So I hope you guys give this a try – if you've tried it before letme know what you think – I know it comes in Black Mica and also Carbon Black.

I buy eitherinterchangeably.

I find they both work great.

So let me know what you think in the commentsdown below.

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Thank you guysvery much for spending this time with me.

and I will see you all in my next video.


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