LoliRock ♡ IRIS Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

LoliRock ♡ IRIS Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Iris, princess of Ephedia.

She's a sweetyoung girl who fights evil along with their two friendsto save her home planet this tutorial is inspired by her freshinnocent look Lets Begin! it's important to moisturizeyour face and SPF is the way to go.

This will prevent sun damage and pre-aging! I'm applying this onmy entire face next I'm going to be using a concealer tocover any imperfections dark circles and any area I want to lookmore awake you can use that as an eye shadow primeras well to give me that airbrushed glow I'm apply foundationpowder to set the concealer to prevent it from creasing as well as evening out my skin.

iris has a very petite nose.

as many animated characters do; so I'mgoing to slim my nose and contour my face I'm using 'Chiroscuro' by EM Cosmeticsadd this tactfully we do not want to be to contoured, otherwise that will takeaway from this sweet innocent look we're aiming for.

After you're done just blend awaywith a brush or your fingers which ever your more comfortable andthen i'm going to fill in my eyebrows and shape them with a light brown pigment color you can have thin or thick brows, but thicker brows will give a more – – younger feel while thin brows are more sophisticated.

Iris's eyeshadow is very bright for her daytimewear – So I'm using a light shimmery pink eyeshadow using Too Face – – chocolate bar palette and I'm applying this all over my eyes to brighten them up! Then, I'm going touse the rose gold eyeshadow by Bare Minerals and I'm going to apply this – on the main base of my eye lids.

Next, I'mgoing to use the pearl shimmer eyeshadow by Bare Minerals – – and apply to on my inner tear-drop to brighten my eyes – this will help when the light hitsmy eyes, it will make them look more alert going back with the chocolate bar palette I'm going to use a mauvy purple on my outter v, and blend to shape my eyes – this help my eyes look bigger, along with eyeliner – a powerful combo I'm also applyingunderneath my water line as well once i'm done i'm going to use a black pencil eyeliner liquid or pencil is up to how comfortableyou are with using.

I'm applying a thick wing shaped eyeliner on top with my eyelid and thenapply not on my bottom waterline but UNDERNEATH it.

Don't worry you can blend any harsh lines witha brush IF you're using pencil – but if you're using liquid, I would suggest using Pencil to be blend-able.

because with liquid eyeliner, it would be difficult to blend.

So this technique will soften your eyes and make it appear bigger as well I'm then going to apply a coat of Mascara on top and bottom lashes I actually discovered that if you apply a coat of Mascara on top of your lashes It will make applying False Eyelashes a lot more easier and more sturdy Now that I am done with my eyes.

I'm going to be applying a Rose Gold Blush, I'm using Benefit Cosmetics 'Rocketeur' this is a perfect blend of blush and bronzer all in one.

and gives me that Rosey yet bronze look.

After that, I'm – – going to use a Highlighter stick by Benefit Cosmetics called 'WATTS UP' and I'm applying above cheekbones to give it that fresh, FLAWLESS skin glow like supermodels have that you could see in magazines but it could totally be photoshopped (humor) you never know and applying this onareas for light to hit to make it glow.

Iris has these – – cute freckles on her face, so I'm going to use a caramel color powder you could use eyeshadow or bronzer and use a pointy brush or a cotton swab and dab on the freckled now that the little too dark that whatyou're expected you want to be a little bit more subtle just use a clean tissue and gently dab toblend in to give it – – a more natural touch! after that I'mgoing to apply a light pink lip gloss by Sephora and that will finish the look! If you have not checked out LOLIRCOK, then you're definitely missing out! It's a pretty fun storyline with hilarious moments and also get to know the characters in the story don't forget to subscribe for morevideos & comment below and let me know what you wanna see next! and if you already seen LOLIROCK, Lemme know! May Courage be your Wings, and I will see you soon!.

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