Lip Balm Guessing Game! | Samantha and Madeleine

Lip Balm Guessing Game! | Samantha and Madeleine

– [Both] Hey everyone! – I'm Madeleine.

– And I'm Samantha.

– [Both] And we're the Caleon twins.

Welcome back to Squared.

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– So today we decided thatwe're going to try out the – [Both] Lip balm challenge! – Basically how it worksis that we're going to have different lip balms and we haveto guess what flavor it is.

– Only using our sense of taste and smell.

– So let's get on with the challenge.

– I'm going to hold up thefirst flavor of our lip balm.

I can't even tell ifit's rolled up or not.

Is it up? Okay I think it is.

(fun pop music) (gags) It stinks.

I don't like the smell of this.

It smells gross.

– It smells like guava.

I think it's guava flavored – I say some sort of tropical fruits with like mangoes andpineapples and peaches.

– I think it's guava.

– Whatever it is I don'treally like it that much.

(laughs) – So the flavor is, Triple Tropical.

What did you say? – I said some sort of tropical, I said some sort of tropical flavor.

– But guava's a tropical flavor.

– You didn't say the word "tropical.

" That's the key word, "tropical.

" One point for me.

(quizzical music) – Yeah I think I know what this is.

– Strawberry banana.

– Cherry! Cherry! Cherry chapstick! – I say strawberry banana.

– Cherry.

– Strawberry banana.

– It's Cherry.

– It's Cherry! Am I the lip balm flavorguessing master or what? (quizzical music) (sniffs) – Are you done? – No, I'm shoving it up my nose.

– Stop it! – Are you done? – Yeah I'm done.

– It's hard, you know what? – What? – All I smell is cherry on my lips.

It smells tropical again.

– Original? – It smells tropical like bananas– – Plain flavors? – Oranges.

I think it's like the no-flavored kind.

– The what? – It's like the one withno flavor or thingy.

– It's the plain— The plain.

– The original— The plain, original one.

– Yeah.

– I say, it's like pineapple.

– Banana? It's Banana? – It's Minion Banana! – How is that even Banana? I don't even smell banana, look.

– It doesn't smell like anything.

– No, they're lying.

It doesn't smell like that.

– It's a lie.

(quizzical music) – It smells like a bubble bathfrom when we were younger, is that weird? – It smells like shampoo.

– It smells like kids' shampoo.

It's very berry, kind of.

– No, no, no, I thinkit's like peach or banana.

Or something, yeah, peach or banana.


Oh my gosh, it is melon! – [Both] It is melon! – It smells like melon.

Why did I not know that? – How did we not know that? – It smells like a melon.

– It's melon.

(quizzical music) – Stinks.

It doesn't smell likeanything, it's like nothing.

– It's like grass.

I think it's like mango.

– I say it's original.

– Mango, banana, and peach.

Or peach, one of those three.

– So there's all the fruits, basically.

– Mango, banana, or peach.

– I say it's original.

– Strawberry.

– Wait, didn't I say Strawberry? – No, you didn't sayStrawberry, you said Original.

– I did say Original.

I swear this is the Frozen one that was supposed to smelllike strawberry but doesn't, and the Minion one wassupposed to smell like– – Banana.

– [Both] But it didn't.

– This is our last one.

Are you ready?- Yeah.

(quizzical music) – Okay this is the,this one stinks so bad.

I can't even deal with it.

This stinks, I don't like this one.

– Oh my gosh.

– It's bad.

– I think it tastes like banana.

– I say blueberries.

– It's Berry Explosion.

Did you say blueberries? – Yes, I totally forgot myanswer, I said blueberries! I win.


Like most of our challenges.

I'm still the winner.

It's okay, sister.

Maybe you'll win, never.

– [Both] That's it for the video.

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– [Both] Bye! (pen scratches) (bell dings).

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