Lime Crime drama.

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" "Why are you old-hashing re-news?" "Old-hashing re-news?" Rehashing old news, HIIIII! If I didn't talk about it, then it basically didn't happen, let's be honest.

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company which was launched in 2008 by a lady called Do Deere, and I think she 's Russian.

The massive controversy which has been sweeping around the whole internet— They released these little mini-palettes called, "Superfoils", and they were these sort of highly-pigmented, glittery combination palettes.

This has been sat in my DM box for like a month.

Like, it's literally been sat there.

People have been sending me the pictures, sending me the pictures, because what I wanted to do — you know when I make a video, I don't just like to ramble and shit-talk about absolute bullshit.

Like, I like to give you the facts, I like to give you some research, I like to give you a new perspective.

And I've been trying to get my hands on one of these Superfoils so that I could do some swatches in the lab.

"Swatches"? I wanted to try to do some streaks.

I wanted to see if anything grew, basically.

But the only way that I could do that and have it credible is if I had at least like, five of these in front of me that had all gone rusty, that had also not been opened, because it's difficult if it's been opened and contaminated.

and it was just NOT possible.

I've spent four weeks calling people, texting people, trying to make it happen.

And it's just not happened, so I'm just gonna have to give you all the research that I've found so far from all across the corners of the Internet.

So what happened was: there was reports of people both having these — these little sort of black clumps in the corner of their eyeshadow palettes, which obviously looked horrendously suspicious for mould.

And then there was ALSO people saying that they were just having these discolourations around the side? Which is actually very funny because someone messaged me about a Too Faced palette that they had the same experience with.

Saying that they left it for one or two months in a dry, dark space — they hadn't used any liquids across it— and they said that around the corner of the shadows had grown this sort of like, weird colour.

Discolouration? and she said that when she opened it palette it stank.

And this was brought directly to me.

I asked her all the questions straight-up and she gave me all the answers So, this is my facts from her — from her, to me, to you.

It's not gonna be the chitchat across the Internet.

And so I think this is something that I personally haven't seen that much of in the past, and I think it's very strange that we're now seeing companies having these sorts of problems.

Now, on 4 October, I think it was, Lime Crime released an official statement after the massive controversy completely took off.

Lime Crime said in their statement that they went through extensive microbiology testings to make sure that there was no contaminants and all that kind of stuff.

Which, obviously you would expect for an FDA approval! Well obviously, the one thing the FDA approval doesn't assure is continuous quality control of the product.

So yes, the FORMULA has been FDA quality approved, but — I'm just speaking openly toward you — that doesn't necessarily mean that what's in those cartons is the exact same formula produced under the same conditions as what was tested for the FBA FBA? F — FDA.

And I think that's just something to always remember.

I'm not saying that they've lied, I'm not saying that they've done this or that, I'm just saying that you have to always remember.

Just because the formula is approved, doesn't mean that SPECIFIC formula is approved.


So this is the kind of thing where I kind of thought they'd passed on the blame a bit to someone else which I don't think you can really do in their position as a big company.

Within their statement, they said that, "our manufacturer states that the little balls are —" "the little balls within the formula are glycerin, which are binding with the pigment to form these hyper-pigmented little balls.

" We all know the drama with glycerin.

It was in the post balm shave, which NikkieTutorials promoted about a year ago as a primer which works really well.

But then people realised that glycerin constantly on your skin isn't that good for it.

It can cause problems.

And then she stopped talking about it, everyone else has stopped using it.

I mean I have a bottle of it, but I have a bottle of it because I actually shave, so [laughs] HIIIIII.

So when they said, "our manufacturer says this", I kind of feel like, listen, at your size, like, d'ya know what I mean? It sounds strange like, when you say, "our manufacturer", it sounds like you're a private label.

It sounds like you're using a lab's formula that's already out there and they're formulating it, they're producing it, all you are is the branding.

That's what it sounds like, I think.

For them to be like, "Lime Crime", it kind of sounds like it's a cosmetics brand and you make your own formulas and all that stuff.

So I kind of just it's like.

You know how Samantha, with the PiinkSparkles whole.

Fiasco — which, I have the interview prepared, by the way.

Please don't be angry at me like, everyone's been so polite — most people — Understanding that I'm one person with one.

Not the best computer, five pieces of high-quality footage which have equally gone in and out of sync.


They also said that they used a third-party lab to confirm that there was no contaminants and they were safe for sale.

So Micro Quality Labs is an analytical testing lab so that's based in Burbank in California and they say that they've had the formula checked by them.

I don't know which one they've received, like who knows if Micro Quality Labs have actually received one of the ones which has these bits and pieces.

They might've received one that didn't have it.

You don't know.

But I'm HOPING that for a third-party to confirm that, it at least says to some people that it's not mould and it's some sort of, y'know, glycerin decomposition.


That is the whole drama! And anyway, as I mentioned very earlier Oh my god, I'm so excited okay.

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