Liberty Gets PRANKED!!

Liberty Gets PRANKED!!

[MUSIC PLAYING] All right.

Hey, guys.

It's 5 o'clock inthe morning, and I'm going to start offLiberty's day perfect.

So I have nothing plannedtoday except for pranking.

I love pranking.

It's basically my entire life.

And today's the perfect dayto pull some on my sister.

Let's go.

All right, soright now I'm going to get a bunch of bubblewrap from our garage.

We have a huge supply of it.

I'm going to lay itout on Liberty's floor so when she'll wake up andstep on it, she will freak out.


[YAWNING] [POPPING AND SCREAMING] What's going on? [POPPING] Oh my gosh.

That gave me a heart attack! [POPPING] [SCREAM] Ugh! Who did this? [MUSIC PLAYING] All right.

So Liberty absolutely isobsessed with lip balm.

And to "make it upto her" I'm going to give her a brand new one.

But I'm going tochange it a bit.

Add a little hot sauce andsome pepper– red-hot Cayenne pepper.



[MUSIC PLAYING] Now I just need to pop the capon and let it set for a minute before I give it to Liberty.

Liberty, I'm super sorryabout what happened earlier with the bubble wrap.

That was you? Yeah.

And I know I shouldn'thave done it.

It's not funny.

But to make up for it, Ibought you a brand new lip balm because I knowhow much you love them.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Hot! [SCREAMING] Hot! Hot! [SCREAMING] Hot! This is so hot! I'm leaving now! I'm going to my friend's house! That prank worked outabsolutely amazing.

I guess Liberty left becauseshe's tired of my pranks.

But they're not stopping yet.

Next, I'm going to coverher room with tin foil.

All right, let's get pranking.

[MUSIC PLAYING] All right, thisturned out amazing.

Liberty is going to beso shocked when she sees her room covered in tin foil.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Mom! I'm home from my friend's house.

[MUSIC PLAYING] [RECORD SCRATCHING] What happened to my room? I bet it was Tommy.

Tommy! I'm sick and tiredof your pranks! [GROANS LOUDLY] [TIN FOIL RUSTLING] Hey, guys! It's Tommy.

And Liberty.

And this week's themeon SevenAwesomeKids is– My Life As a Prankster.

So we hope you enjoyedour awesome pranking video.

Special shout outsfrom last week's video go too CrazyKitten901.

And Haley Miranda.

Here are some otherspecial shout outs.

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The biggest pranksomeone has ever pulled on you orthe biggest prank you've ever pulledon someone else.

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And that's all.

(INUNISON) We love you! Bye! [BLOWING KISSES].

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