LE ROUGE COLLECTION N°1: CHANEL Fall Makeup tutorial

LE ROUGE COLLECTION N°1: CHANEL Fall Makeup tutorial

CHANEL Chanel offers Fall 2016 LE ROUGE ÉLÉGANT ! Hello my name is Fiona Today I'll show you how Tbtkirn a new look with CHANEL Fall of the Chanel collection.

This Appearance gorgeous and I love him very much.

Hia us begin I will apply the first on the cheeks Joues powder contraste Rose Pétale.

More It adds sparkle to my skin And you can mix it if you want with a drop of Le Blanc.

This makes the preparation coloring cheeks Karimi final.

Plumsh satiny I choose the lightest color among Bodrat shading eyelids 4 ombres Candeur et Expérience I start from the external corner of the eye.

Logueta whole eyelid gradually Then I use the darker the color, by Blending Brush.

When The outer corner of the eye.

This highlights the eyelid fold.

From easier for you to never take directly in the mirror Then use medium brown color, the former Color.

Ltkhvev Fine lines in the event of any , For a touch of romance, add a little brown italics to Red.

On the outer corner of the eye Then Eased color mixing unit ! Began to feel complete beautifully Do not worry if signed little shading powder You can fix it as a stick lumbar.

Eclat Lumière with a drop of.

In this way Now, weeks, I line carefully at the upper eyelashes With pen Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eros.

!Lovely Finish the look with the eyes Dimensions de Chanel Subversif.

From the roots and towards the parties eyelashes Do not forget to add a layer or two, when the outer corner.

Ladvae Situation on your eyes And to complete the look of this wonderful autumn Rouge Allure Tentation my.

Boisth Lip Brush If you wish to obtain full symmetry, start always from the middle Then from the outside towards the inside ! So beautiful, is not it? Le Vernis Rouge Puissant used to Odevri Hydrabeauty balm and cuticulae Thanks for watching.

CHANEL I'll be back with the new look of Chanel.


Source: Youtube