This is very Valentines.

I feel like I'm Cupid.



So, I already have all of my base ready togo.

If you guys want to know exactly how I didit, I will have a link down in the description bar, but, I'm just going to move on to theeye shadows.

Let me decide what I want to do.

I'm going to start by going into my AnastasiaBeverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, and I'm going to take the shade, Golden Ochreas my transition color, and blend this into the upper crease, just to make a nice transitioncolor.

So, I'm going to take that on a Luxie 205Tapered Blending Brush, and just blend that right into the upper crease, to create likea hazy look, between the crease, and that upper brow area.

Next, I'm going to take this Single Eye Shadowfrom Juvia's Place, called Ethiopia, and I'm going to put this right into the crease, underneathwhere I placed that transition shade.

Put that right into the crease, and blendalong that transition shade, and make sure everything looks nice and seamless.

Next, I'm going to dip into Empress, alsoby Juvia's Place, except, I'm going to take this one on a Luxie 231 Small Tapered BlendingBrush, and I'm going to focus this directly into the socket line of the crease, and startto build up that dark, intense look.


Going back into my Anastasia palette, andthe original blending brush that I used for the crease shades, I'm going to dip into theshade, Love Letter, right here.

Just a little bit.

And, I'm going to use that to blend out thatpurple, and just make sure that it's not super harsh, and this will also kind of warm upthat crease a little.

Next, I'm going to spray a flat shader brushwith a little bit of makeup setting spray, and then, I'm going to dip into the MilaniSingle Eye Shadow in the shade, Bella Rouge.

This is the Bella Eyes Shadow, Gel PowderShadow.

And then, we're just going to put this allover the lids to get that nice, dark, pop that Kylie had on her look.

Why do I always make a face when I do that? Going back in with that blending brush, I'mjust going to pull that through the crease, to make sure that there are no harsh lineson that eye shadow.

I kind of want to make it.

It's like toopink right now.

It's not red enough.

What am I going to do? What.

am I going to do? I'm going to go back into that Juvia's PlaceEye Shadow in the shade Empress, and then the same brush that I used, and I'm just goingto build up the outer corner a little bit more with this, kind of on that lid, justto intensify this.

So, I'm just going to kind of pack that onthere, and blend that, so that it goes seamlessly into that crease, and this will kind of givea more smokey effect around the whole eye, rather than just through the crease.

Again, going back into my Anastasia palette,I'm going to take the shade.

I think I'm going to mix Venetian Red, and Red Ochre ona flat brush, and I'm going to put this right in between that lid shade that I placed withthe purple, just to kind of give it a more hazed effect, and bring a little bit moredarkness onto the lids of the eyes.

Going back in with that transition brush,I'm just going to quickly run this over those edges, just to make sure there aren't anyharsh lines.

Okay so next, I'm going to take The Balm CosmeticsSchwing Liner, and I'm just going to thinly line the entire top lash line, and just doa tiny, tiny, baby wing on the outer part.

I don't want to do a crazy eyeliner, causethe focus is going to be the entire intensity of the eyes, but I want to darken things up,so that way, its a lot more defined.

My eyes.


Okay, I'm going to go ahead and apply somefalsies.

I'm going to take the Ardell Double Up 202Blacks.

There, um, not very organized in the thing, but they're basically just lashesthat are thicker on the outside.

You guys can take any lashes that you want,if you are going to re-create this look, but I'm just going to use these, and pop theseon the upper lash line, and that's all.


That's what I'm going to do.


I'm going to go ahead, and start on the bottomlash line.

I'm going to take the Elizabeth Mott All OverShadow Brush, and then, going back into my Anastasia palette, I'm going to take the shade,Golden Ochre, which I used as my transition shade, and blend this along the lower lashline, and she has a really, really big, blended lower lash line, so I'm going to kind of justyeah, do that.

Going back into Ethiopia from Juvia's Place,I'm just going to get a small amount of this, and again, just blend that along the lowerlash line.

Taking a flat shader brush now, I'm goingto dip into the shade, Love Letter, from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

It's a pink shade.

And, with this, I'm also going to blend alongthe lower lash line, but I'm going to kind of put it more up towards the lash line, andnot as blended out as those other two shades.

And, I'm going to make a fake inner cornerby bringing that line down, like right there.

And so, basically, when I put the inner cornerhighlight right in that inner part, it's just going to make the eyes look bigger, and moreopen, and more dramatic and smokey, so I'm just going to kind of make that little fakepart, by drawing that line, and then blending it towards that, those other shades that Ihave on the lower lash line.

Going back with that other brush that I usedfor the transition shades, I'm going to dip back into Ethiopia, just one more time, andrun this, again, on the lower lash line, just to make sure that that pink is nice and seamlessinto that orange color.

So, I'm going to take the Pacifica, huh? The Pacifica Natural Minerals Pencil in theshade, Bare, and I'm going to put this on the inner waterline.

You guys can also use any white, or brightcolor that you have.

Going into the Juvia's Place Single Eye Shadowin the shade, Kemet, I'm going to, I'm going to put this on the inner corners, and kindof in that little space on the inner part, where I kind of drew a fake waterline.

So, as you guys can see, I'm basically fillingthat whole base in, right above that line, to the inner corner, and then I'm also goingto draw upwards, on the upper waterline.

Next, I'm going to go into my Pur Big LookWaterproof Mascara, and put this on the top, and lower lash line, just to finish off theeyes.

Okay, so I'm pretty sure that I'm going tobe done with the eyes.

This is what I came up with.

BEEP Ahaahhh.

I met a girl crazy for me.

I met a boy, cute as can be.

Summer Dreams ripped at the seam.

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