KYLIE JENNER Makeup Tutorial!

KYLIE JENNER Makeup Tutorial!

Hello girls, so today I am working with Go90 to recreate or perhaps I should say, redoing an old video and in fact I'm doing a video I made on my channel in Spanish, because I have many more video here so we will do a makeup tutorial inspired by Kylie Jenner and thought it was the perfect video to recreate because she always changes her look and was seeing my old video and it was when she had blue hair extensions and it was a big deal but is now doing something simpler so we'll go with that and this inspired a bit on the new show GO90 and if you have never heard of GO90 is an app that you can download and is free and you can see shows and super cool look, this is super funny to me because I love this type of program and is called "Replay" and is about a girl you have to good does not have to, you want because you have a bad birthday 25 super and you have to repeat it so q has to live again and again and I love that kind of shows I always wanted that to happen to me but I do not know, something always goes wrong so while I do not want to happen.

Anyway girls, I'll leave a link in the description box to see GO90 and see the show so let's start with this makeup tutorial to oh and Kylie Jenner before ou can they see in the video with these long fake fingernails as I said "Let us all makeup inspired by her, like the whole look" but did not work I really admire people who wear those nails, I can not, I really feel useless so I had to pull me.

Well if you like this video give it a little hand up and yes, let's begin.

And I'll start preparing my skin and I'm obsessed with this first of Makeup Forever and I'll let it sit for a moment before moving on to the base and I'll use this bar based on Ultra HD Makeup Forever and that is that I always use, is very easy to apply and master the coverage and love everything on that basis.

Mix well the base and then pass the check and I will also be using this to Makeup Forever I think it's my favorite brand for my skin.

I do not feel I need much concealer, so I put just a little under my eyes, just to hide a black circle or something.

I like to even it and let it sit because I have a little wrinkles under the eyes so this will help prevent them.

Of course for any makeup Kardashian and Jenner, you need contours so I'll use my palette contours of Anastasia Beverly Hills, and go with this brown and I will apply it with my fingers and basically wrap it all in my face, do not want your face look normal if not contoured.

So I like to do the dark part first and then go with a lighter shade and just put it to attract more light and my favorite tool to blur everything is my Beauty blender, it is tops.

Now I will seal everything with this MAC Studio Fix and this is the C6 if they ask.

And I keep working on my face but first wants to prepare my eyelids and I will use this first of Benefit I will be put and then mix to let settle, I like to do so for some reason I do not know And now you want to follow and I will use this bronzer Outlining Benefit Hoola as if they've heard Kylie talks about his makeup she says she loves this so I think it is perfect for use now And basically I'm applying anywhere use my palette Anastasia.

I never wrap my nose but since it is a makeup Kylie she always Contouring and you can tell that uses heavy makeup because your nose is not so thin.

Go and outlines that nose but be careful because doing so can be a bit tricky, so if you're not so sure just do not go very strong with color and mix much.

Kylie seems to use very coral blushes so I thought it was perfect now Coralista and I'm adding a little, she does not use much.

But what does use a lot is the lighting and I'm using my High Beam benefit, I'm putting in all places where I fall light.

And in the photo that was watching, it was very clear he was using a lot of lighting in your nose so I'll use this illuminator Coral to make that bridge of the nose highlighted.

Eyebrows must be very sculpted so I'll use these new products for eyebrows Benefit and I'm basically following the natural shape of my eyebrows, nothing too crazy.

Now for the eyes, I love this makeup is super cute and simple so we'll use the NAKED3 of Urban Decay and I thought this color would be perfect for the color she sometimes uses match, but the problem It is that it is not so bright but I'm sure that the color she wears neither is alone is another color over it and I will use this color called Birthday Girl Colourpop and do not think they keep selling but they can check if they find something similar, I try to put it to you if I find since I fell in love this shade is perfect, super bright and the color is mixed super cute super good I love.

Kylie also has very bright tear so I'm using my High Beam, I love this product might like to see.

Now I'll use a little white shadow above.

But this look is super basic and what highlights are the tabs and I'm using these and they are using Kylie and feel that are perfect if this is a make-up on her have to use those tabs.

Once my eyelashes are placed I'll put a little eyeliner like to mix but not much because this is a super simple makeup.

If you consider the giant eyelashes and tons of simple outline but you know a little simple for Kylie Jenner.

And to balance some giant eyelashes, I will add a little brown shadow on the bottom and then a little mascara but not much, just a little.

Once you are ready you want to add your lips Kylie which means that you'll have to draw since I have no injection into the lips, only I do with my lipstick and had none of lipsticks Kylie would be amazing that you will use but I have these amazing "dupes".

So you can use the color of Colourpop beeper which is the equivalent of Dolce K or you can use Clueless is the equivalent of Candy K.

So you can make this look with whatever you want, for some reason I like pink when he did but now I see the video I like the brown.

So I think I like the Beeper more I do not know because the lips do see different but use the one you like best but once completed you are ready to use your makeup inspired by Kylie Jenner.

There you have love, I hope you enjoyed this video if they can follow me on Instagram I'm obsessed with it, is where I am every day all day, every day all day.

And yes, I see in the next video.


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