Korean One Brand tutorial #8 Innisfree 로드샵 원브랜드 메이크업 #8. 이니스프리 편 | SSIN

Korean One Brand tutorial #8 Innisfree 로드샵 원브랜드 메이크업 #8. 이니스프리 편 | SSIN

Good evening.

Is a thin-like.

This content is also the eighth.

it came again until the eighth.

It is really hard.

But one brand make-up is a fun person who did occasionally.

Given from my standpoint I was shopping for the fabrication of this content for the first time in a month, but was looking forward to really.

Where do you think I went? Innis is free.

I went twice.

Match two and 280,000 won.

It was use Mecha.

Innisfree is not a favorite brand is me but you know very well.

Because because he will always gave a present to me in Innisfree.

Before the eye shadow 50 species also, we were also received when it is renewed, Himself shaved and come out to pencil was also received by the set this time Blow also know Tonto ho because we receive all.

What sort of.

It is all above average.

So Innisfree thin like an interesting chose in the product, and then try to make up with an item that thin like to recommend.

Come on, let's first give in place the skin with lotion.

Actually Innisfree the direction of basic cosmetics I think that it is more attractive than point make-up products.

In particular, it seems what this super food line that has been recently launched new, but I tried to buy in like a feeling that was frankly not salty is a feeling of use.

Also It is very, very cheap price In particular, this sunscreen is the best.

It does not greasy is not collapse also gained the base because they are made to my skin as it is.

So although I thought that are similar to those of Kiehl's price is cheap.

It is recommended.

Come on, or I'll paint the base.

This child does not know the difference between when it is not as if there is other than that will brighten the skin tone.

Usually, primer or base, is functional cosmetics to use before applying this kind of foundation and color collector Please be careful because it is a nice to partially apply a small amount but reduces also staying power to too coating foundation is likely to collapse.

It is Innisfree cushion topic.

It is a topic Cala than say.

From the kind is not out also 100 type Or content that has been renewed is what about Let's take a look at from now.

The first is water fit cushion.

First impression because the particles of the name as foundation was felt that soak into the surface of the skin in close contact with the skin is really was good.

But cover force was sorry weak.

Ampoule Moisture looks more weakness likely.

Try painting the long wear cover on the opposite side.

Itiyou this true beige color is quite a natural feel.

But all the way are cosmetic about do and do not put your hand Puff is wiped also through gently It may remain traces I do not want to use again.

It 's because of this cushion is not commonly used.

I will think of that increase such feel it is the most is that it is a cushion of the Moon shot.

But really GD tried to also describes a number of times and not because it is model Nobody not you believe me around.

I try to paint a concealer this time.

It is a little gray-ish than 23 issue of the other companies.

Gray beige pink? But I think that hard to understand if you look alone It is easy to understand if you look in comparison with some number of load shop of concealer that I have to do this.


2 of The Sem, is No.


Here is The Face Shop and darkest concealer of Nature Republic of not doing yet.

This child is a thing of Clio you are using well cover force.

You can see because now this look-the even Semitic and there is a feeling in the concealer to make.

Come on, you can also say Innisfree of brush.

It is also not bad this foundation brush The shape of the brush, such as this tree has been cut, which has been rumored that it is cheap version of the realistic Technics is also good.

The next try painting a mineral essential concealer.

To me is impossible to cover the dullness and eyes of dark circles is too bright.

But very well adhesion force other than I use instead of the highlighter at the stage of foundation I feel just a looks good reblogged.

But this is almost like a concealer version of water fit cushion.

I'd rather buy this.

Minerals Moisture foundation was bought in the third.

Huh? Kke it does this turn? It was what pulls not 's.

Innisfree foundations variety also certainly in the shop not my cup favorite product I bought only this one it off that worried.

Name street mineral Ppoku Moisture feeling is very strong.

Although familiar well riding thinly on top of the skin It traces remain pretty and paint with a brush It will collapse.

This batch chemistry and puff of this beauty blender that has been bought in the United States in its place.

So me-up of the cover force while absorbing moisture Shading and highlighter in Innisfree bought a stick type.

It seems the new release.

I think that blur easily because there is for the time being the color was not very rich.

But it is too thin coloring is a little on the mineral foundation.

Kana because water plus water But was just right when painted in the background It is water water water water so the water water After a little painted in fresh water water skin today.

Although we will paint properly by Artis toothpaste brush up nose Please let me rub Innovation – Karaso prone to spots.

Highlighter because I bought a stick-type shading also I bought together.

Is not the children and the great difference using when you introduce a straw Bing makeup before.

But this child does not wet the toothbrush, foundation will be wiped off together.

It is the limit of the iconic brush Try painting in this stamping puff instead.

Try painting in this stamping puff instead.

Stamp only to have is able to round to face.

But towards the corner was good it was curve Something rather knob of the part is better? Come on, say strictly a conclusion.

What is not there is also one that like foundation.

You do not have extremely good item.

Stick shading and mineral concealer instead would use.

Base it will end here.

It is turn to move to eye makeup? In fact, there Innisfree eye shadow 50 all in my house.

Please sent one in the gift when it is renewed before.

I felt while using the Innisfree is true, can be of Burgundy line good.

In particular mat line and simmer line is also good.

Eye shadow of color is good and easy to dark.

Since using the red eye shadow even when Tony Molly and Too cool for school before I thought or trying to do Burgundy makeup We go towards the glitter gold today.

I use this kind of color! Jajan !! Come on, you first give painting the goals and beige shimmer shadow on the entire eyelid.

Background also looks good Once you have a little space human-ish make's a universe today.

Now, the next step is please touch the outer corner of the eye holes in a more dark brown eye shadow.

Enough to take a year lean eyelids of meat will help put your hand to the eye hole.

Though I had been in and out splashes also Eyelid Glue etc.

tape is always swollen a real eye when the junior high school Do you sad thing or is it happy Also we'll paint the gold under the eyes.

Although I was dieting I quit recently.

Belly meat and thighs skinny only around every second is not skinny at all.

This brush is also a thing of the Innisfree.

The narrow area is easy to paint the eye shadow.

Because glitter rough pearl of the particle will scatter is terribly powder.

To those of such texture was good it is better to put on while holding down tightly with your fingers Is in the no adhesion is I tried to Nuro in the brush was put a lot of without Pearl in skin powder Hihhyuu ~~ Horororo ~~ The following will try to use the luxury Buehler did not have Well then at all luxury.

It seems the same as the Tony Molly.

If you look at the package skin hood and Misha comes with a logo.

But this child is not nothing.

~ I What pieces Buhler that has been used until now? Jajan !! It is often about do not know what may where to find.

Thing of skin food does not know where it went to.

Misha will fit in the eyes protruding length of the horizontal because the curve is deep is on the short strokes.

Well, or was perfect for really beside the long run, such like me because it is a flat thing of this Maquillage, Well, it is.

But price comparison best is still Suinfudo and Misha.

please refer.

Now is the turn of the soon extremely good item.

I think the best in the Innisfree is this pencil.

The lid is really strange items that will cut down the pencil.

This is honest, I admit.

Turning to put doing this comes out is a new one.

It pencil is often also broken when I cut, but this child is really imagination excellent !! This even doing please sent one you have all the colors.

I use may be recently.

Please fill in the eye of the border.

Dries quickly to sustainability also is not bad.

Extremely good !! Please stretched longer the corner of the eye If I now filled with brown was love between the eyelashes.

Brown was also there are five or six types.

The real is the width of the selection is nice to widely.

It's right also cushion of the case, I will various build.

The following Is mascara? There were various chose the two.

Although skinny mascara is recommended so often use in my under-Rush Large mascara you're about here dual curling a little.

My eyelashes liquid had been up and doing heavy I have dripping like a wet water.

I understand the other certainty.

Because I tried to use the eight load shop of mascara I like a short mascara to match the stubborn eyelashes was found or mascara of what kind of system.

Guy is required to dry instantly liquid is lightly.

Well, skinny mascara to underscore rush is not bad.

Since the hair is not pointing down, than the weight of the liquid How evenly one by one my hair, because either be raised stroking one by one is I'm important.

The under-rush you recommend this mascara.

Try using the soy essence volume mascara on the opposite side.

It was not particularly impressive points.

This child also liquid to me like a type of eyelashes you will feel like a very Bichobicho rain Gappa.

Come on, we decided to give the eyelashes put give up everything.

This child is Velour Notsuke eyelashes that have been bought in the United States.

You saw in the United States purchase public image? It was hard to put At one time the line is very thick.

I do not know what was taken is with a number of times.

But there still is a dramatic effect.

Draw a line in the liquid eyeliner on top of the place where wearing false eyelashes, I will give in place.

Also stretched the outer corner of the eye, please fill the tummy also space under the eyelashes.

I realized the true use of this stamp.

I hope if you use when you do not touch the skin by hand to do this.

After filling the mucous membrane in the pencil eyeliner brown under the eyes, but it makes the corner of the eye with liquid eyeliner brown Back to the very strange in the sky to not connect, try slightly out of the CL-ish line like a feeling of 2NE1.

There were new products all of Innisfree It's seems to have raised to mom.


Was also 10,000 won to make to.

but I'm glad they contain both screw brush and sponge.

It will use instead the ones for the time being of the other companies because there is no.

Uniform eyelashes to match the hair color I'll draw a bright brown.

Please equipped with concealer around the eyelashes.

Brush is a good flat concealer brush.

The next Let's use the eyebrow mascara.

Color tried to buy unique.

Mandarin orange color? Citrus color? It is perfect for Orange sexy blonde.

Towards the head of the eyebrow from the painted one by one I I'll connect at risk Waal Brown of synth Tiller the direction of ass.

Jajan! The color of the eyebrows has changed! Although next tried to buy two of teak or Let's use which.

Something, here ?? I try to put the pom-poms on the cheek dipped in Sutenpupafu.

Let's incidentally shading also put.

Please blur under the cheekbones.

Come on, would you paint the future lipstick.

The Innisfree I had pink are a lot of favorite soft tone other than.

But I also like lip liner that came out in the same line as the eye liner This liquid is also good.

I Do Let's paint a favorite color in full.

I do not well-matched to the make-up of today though.

In fact Innisfree of lipstick also tried using new products all from last year.

Because we please sent one all.

But those sticky was raised to someone all.

5 Tsuwasa got recently.

it's not that look good on today's make-up.

Really cool tone pink feeling? It is all normal.

We will show you the time being coloring.

The last is this water tint.

Because tint that is developed very like a color of the lips is not bad compatibility with glossy smoky make-up of today.

Likes and dislikes'll split, this.

Students who think that good because color can be produce in so much that the people and the natural feel because inconspicuous? Oh, it is so.

We will introduce one more brush.

I is really like a brush.

Fur also soft and is a good time to put the powder.

Bobby is a cheap version ish feel of a big brush Brown.

Come on, is today's make-up finished doing this.


Innisfree one brand make-up using the product of was completed doing this.

I feel that I did the make-up that does not suit the brand image in since Etude.

It is Sailor Uranus future feeling came slightly from the star.

Innisfree is.

Even though innocent lovely woman living in Jeju Island The difference too.

I do not either way.

Come on, I try to choose what I would recommend in Innisfree products I have used.

First sunscreen.

I have a feeling of use a sunscreen of Kiehl's you are using are similar.

Neither frustrating feeling to moist and zing and fit.

Do you understand the feeling to come out to do this by Tsukinui the oil when the sweat comes out? It really is not like.

But this child will be as it is my skin.

So I feel that use now well.

Smell is also good.

The second product is the brush.

This child also recommended including this child.

It is very soft material, is good.

In particular, this foundation brush is likely to have been highly regarded as a cheap version of the realistic technics.

So we recommend the two.

The following is a pencil.

I This is also using very, very well until now have received a set.

The idea is I think that damn good.

It seems to have been cut Once you hear a Mini while opening the scraping hard pencil.

But it's where to go is the shaved trace? I do not understand.

How do I made was the.

But the little disappointing if you can pull out this.

eh? What there is a lid on but there is nothing here? Anyway, there is unfortunate feeling that Do not if you can a little pull this.

But when worn it will be the new and open from the turn, close the lid.

It color also was also good pin clip liner of slightly soft feel Brown was also good five or six all.

Those that contain the Pearl, such as such as those that are not in.

And lip gloss is the point it was a pity that I am the favorite texture, but the kind of color were less? Yes.

And to end the Innisfree one brand make-up to do this.

Next also let's meet in the other one-brand makeup.

Shin-like channel registration thank you.

See you in the next video.

The following video is probably June.

I don `t really understand.

It will inform the Insta gram.

Well, bye-bye ~.

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