Kendall Jenner Natural Glowing Makeup Tutorial 2015

Kendall Jenner Natural Glowing Makeup Tutorial 2015

Makeup tutorial for Kendall Jenner – Hiya, friends, welcome back.

Today's video will be inspired on this video makeup tutorial Kendall Jenner.

I think she looks amazing in this photo.

I think it's an older picture.

I found on Google, so it actually I'm not sure who's on makeup or what products used, but only I wanted to recreate my version the look and I think I became very close to what she had.

So I hope you enjoy it.

I think this will be great for the holidays this year, Christmas is just around the corner.

I think it's a really cool and beautiful look.

So let's start with before the tutorial, I also want to announce the last gift of the month.

Thank you very much, friends, for participating.

I'm so glad that this result the way he wanted, and the last prize will this complete collection of makeup.

Good luck to all who will participate.

Again, as always, all the details will be in the description box.

Okay, let's start with this video.

I already had my moisturizer and Now I'll go ahead and apply some This first Marc Jacobs all over my skin.

This really is a first humectant I really like then apply it all over your face.

Then I'll apply some of this, Pores No More First, on my pores, because I have the most open pores around this area of ​​my face.

Then, just a little of this product goes a long way, so I'll go ahead and use the same brush and apply this right around the center of my face.

Then I follow and apply my foundation and this is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, and I'll go ahead and apply two or three poof using my brush everywhere.

I have not used this basis for so long.

I love the feeling it gives to the skin.

Then I will and will apply a little illuminator instead of concealer just because I have dark circles but, of course, if they have very marked then apply concealer first to counter them.

This is the YSL pencil is actually a good highlighter pen and I just keep going and will apply this in the inner corners of my eyes, and then I difuminaré out.

This is the Touche Eclat Pen 2.


As you can see, I'm just pushing this product.

I'm not dragging in any way, I only pressed gently that as I stay where I want to stay.

Give pat until it is all nice and blurred.

I will also apply some this product around the wrinkles that I make when I laugh and then the center of my face, so that pretty illuminate this area.

Then I'll go and fix the area under my eyes so that not craquele and, for that, I'm using my translucent powder Make Up Forever HD.

I will follow and apply this with one of my favorite brushes.

This is Sigma and is number F35, and I will follow and apply this right under my eyes.

Because Kendall's face looks really bright, I'll leave everything else really spray.

So I just go where I tend settled areas to put my skin brighter that is around this area, the center the rosto and the underside of the eye.

So then I'll go and start truly illuminate my skin, and I will Becca Shimmering use Skin Perfector and this is one of my favorite illuminators at this time.

It is so natural and waste leaves nothing like frost.

So I will continue and use a full dose and, as you can see, it is quite small, but only a little of this goes a long way so you do not want to use much of it.

I will continue and use a large brush, as a fluffy Kabuki brush, and apply this in the high points of my cheeks and take it up, and I will continue and apply some product around my forehead, the tip of my nose, definitely in the middle of upper lip because that's where she has much illuminator applied.

She has a lot illuminator around the area his chin and then in the middle of his upper lip, the tip of the nose and then also the center of the nose.

So as you can see, it gives them a really nice and natural lighting.

For my tan, I'll use bronzer cream YSL just because her skin looks so sprayed and lit, I do not think she has put many powders, which explains why he wanted to use something a little more based on cream.

As you can see, this is a color very naturally, it is not too dark.

For that, I'll go and use one kabuki brush again and start as from around where my cheeks sink and I go down there.

Actually I use this as my blush also just because, again, it does not look like I had a lot of color on the skin.

Moreover some bronzer, so that's why I'll try and do it.

If they feel like they have gone up a lot, You can take your brush and blend base the edges a little to make it boniro and natural, and it looks like illuminator.

I'll do the same thing on my jaw line and applying this truth about the line my jaw and down a bit.

This obviously will define my features, but it will also give that nice color and that glow as tanned skin.

Then the skin is ready, we to move to the eyes.

As you can see, it is such a natural base.

I think this would be really nice for a daytime event, including an evening event.

Simply light, it is have a healthy and natural skin.

For the eyes, I will go and use the Lorac Pro, and this palette is the palette of metallic tones.

Metallic colors has had enough and I was trying deciding which used it.

Actually I could not find exactly the colors they used, but I found one very similar to that used and color is here.

It is a really nice metallic color.

It is called Amber.

I use this all my eyelid.

Then I will use this color right here and it called Guilded, and I will go and apply that in the inner corner of my eye to give that beautiful light.

Then the orbital bone Kendall actually it has a matte, so even if everything else is nice shiny, she kept her orbital bone really dull, and also the outer edges of their eyes They are quite dull.

For that, I'll use a matte regular color, ivory.

They can use either having and want to go and use a large brush and apply this in his orbital bone as blurring all hard edges of the eye shadow We shining just applied.

Then I use a dark brown.

Again, you can use any dark brown.

They can use Brun, Mac; I think it's Script a very nice coffee also from Mac.

Then any coffee that have and will want to go and use a bulky brush and start wrapping at the outer corners of your eyes.

Blur want to ensure this as well because, as you can see, the shadow of her eyes It does not look too dark; just nice and fresh.

I will use exactly the same colors in my lower lash line, in that order.

Starting with the lightest color and gradually bringing it to a coffee darker towards the outer corners.

I'll start first with the lighter color, apply a bit on the inner corners of my eyes, and then I'll take Amber, which is the main color look, and then apply that right below that.

I'm using Pixie Eyeliner in Bronze Beam.

It is a really nice color and I actually applied in the inner circle my eye anywhere else, so you They want to go and use an eyeliner coffee and apply this on the inside edge of your eye.

I prefer something with a little Glittery, so that's why I like it, because it is a really nice shiny coffee.

Before turning to my eyelashes, I will go and fill my eyebrows, and for that, I am using the eyebrow pencil Anastassia Beverly Hills in taupe.

I'll go and use this pen and fill my eyebrows, and also make them look a little thicker.

Then I'll go and encrespar my eyelashes and apply some mascara.

I'll go and apply false eyelashes to not have to worry much to apply mask too, so with a layer enough.

The last thing in the eyes.

I'm going and use my eyelashes Velour.

These are called Wispy Me Away and these are actually a pair of flanges natural and beautiful.

Finally, on the lips, I will use two products to achieve the color that she has.

The first will be a Lancôme lipstick.

This is a really nice matte nude color, but I'll go and put up some shine.

This is Buxom, and is called Yes You.

Finally, I'll go and use that illuminator Becca and just give a little touch around the center of my upper lip, with my fingers, only to accentuate the brilliance she has.

Just difumínenlo in place.

And here ends this tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed this look.

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