Kawaii SHINY COLOR MASCARA makeup TUTORIAL How-to by Japanese fashion designer | 木村優KOKOkim夏メイク講座

Kawaii SHINY COLOR MASCARA makeup TUTORIAL How-to by Japanese fashion designer | 木村優KOKOkim夏メイク講座

Hi everyone! This is Kimura U I am the pinkest Creator in the Universe! Todays challenge is shiny eye makeup using color mascara I start with the Base makeup.

First, the powder Foundation.

Let's apply the eye shadows.

I will use this purple color.

Mix different types of purple and balance the color.

Cover the edge of the eye with a darker color and make a gradation.

Apply this gel eye color over it.

Put some on your finger and adjust the amount before applying.

The eye lid is thin, so gently blend it in.

Add some more purple eye shadow to the edge of the eye.

Adding thick colors along the edge will make the eyes look wider.

Voila!Lets add this red color mascara.

Apply by waving the mascara like this.

The lower eye lashes are shorter, compared to the upper ones.

So apply by holding the brush vertically.

Using this glitter eyeliner, lets make the eyelid shiny.

Apply along the eye lid.

From the corner stick out a bit and pull up to make its like a cats eye.

Do the same to the bottom eye lid.

Apply less to the bottom than to the top.

Less is better.

Add a little to the inner corner as well.

Shiny shiny! This is how the eye is done.

Lets mix these three colors for the cheek.

Fluorescent pink, pale pink and a little pale pink.

From under the pupil, stretch to the side.

Normally I put it around here, but I apply it higher for this loud makeup.

Lets put some on the nose to make it look like sun burn.

Next, put this Lip Gloss.

This is pastel pink.

Lets put pink gloss over it.

Sticking out on the top with narrow the nose-lip distance and enhance the "baby face" look.

Now I will apply mascara on the eyebrows.

Using this gold color.

Shake sideways, just like whenn you apply it on the eyelashes.

Now I will use this pink brow pen made for cosplays.

Brow pens for cosplay have very strong colors, so apply gently.

Use a Cotton Bud to blend it in.

I will use this eye brow color and this cheek color to add shadow to the eyebrows.

This one and this one.

Place some on the inner corner of the eye and blend your skin and eyebrow.

Add some brown to the outer corner and blend it in.

Lets put these nail stickers like freckles.

Now I will arrange the hair a little.

Comb the hair and straighten it up, use a hair tie to make the pigtails.

Twine a little bit of the hair where the knot is.

Make it fluffy and straighten it as if you used an iron.

The fashion theme today is pink, as in "Kimura U – the pinkest creator in the universe".

So I tried to blend completely the fashion and the makeup with pink.

The candies pattern is designed by myself, and I call it "Candy Mille-feuilles pattern".

It's like a mille-feuilles with layers of candies, a very sweet girly design.

This Cardigan and these Tights feature the candy mille-feuilles design.

The shiny color mascara makeup is now complete with fashion.

Do you like it? This was my first time trying color mascara but I'm very happy with these colorful eyelashes! Why dont you try it as well? Bye bye!.

Source: Youtube