Kawaii GOTHIC LOLITA Makeup Tutorial  by Japanese model MOCO

Kawaii GOTHIC LOLITA Makeup Tutorial by Japanese model MOCO

Lashes to open up your eyes.

About here! About here.

Let's go.

I design clothes and accessories.

I also sometimes take part in fashion snaps.

Today's fashion is based on Gothic Lolita fashion.

I am wearing a blouse from Algonquins.

And a h.

Naoto Frill piece.

My fashion focus lies on the blouse today.

If you look closely it has some skulls in the pattern.

And on the jumper skirt, I have some embroidered rabbits, which looks really cute.

The striped over knee socks have some skulls at the back.

So I matched them with the skulls on the blouse that I mentioned.

As for the accessories I chose a necklace with similar colors.

It's from Vivian Westwood.

Today I will show you how to do a Gothic Lolita Makeup style.

For the base, I will mix these three products.

I use this sunscreen in order to avoid the result from getting too thick.

For my skin it always looks better if I have a pink foundation base, That is why I mix a pink base with a yellow base and then thin it down with sunscreen.

I will mix three types of concealer.

A white base, a pink base – If I only use those it will crack soon.

That is why I use this pink base from earlier to thin it down and apply it evenly.

Next is the powder.

This one comes out quite thick too, which I don't like.

That is why I use a brush and apply it very lightly.

I use this for shading.

I have a rounder face, that is why I apply dark shading on my jaw bones.

I have a fringe, so you can barely see my brows.

I like droopy eyebrows.

I draw them on thicker on the inside and then build it up and outwards from there.

I use these ones for shading and highlighting in order to make my nose stand out more.

For the nose shadow I mix the brightest color and the one after that and apply it here Right here in this corner.

Going down the nose this should get thinner little by little.

Next I will use the white.

I apply it right on the top of my nose.

After that I highlight my chin and the area under my eyes.

I will first use the middle shade from here and apply it to the whole lid.

After that I will use this darker blue here and apply it on the lower edge of my lid The more blue you use, the more gothic your style will look.

Next, I will use this liquid eyeliner to draw an eyeline.

I start on the outer corners, creating a droopy eye look.

If you draw the line simply outwards it might look too strong.

So first make it droop downwards before raising it up.

That should create cute catlike ears that are not too strong.

Check the balance on both sides.

Working towards the middle.

then add a little bit right on the inner corner.

I use this color here to connect the lines and the lower lid in a natural way.

I first use this brown here on the outer corners of my lower lid.

If I use only brown, all will merge into one.

I thus use this navy blue to blend.

For the upper lashes I will use these ones here.

I put them on the line I drew earlier and take care not to have them stick out at the end.

Follow the curve of your eyes.

Important here is to push them downwards at the outer corners and upwards in the middle.

That way you create droopy dolly eyes.

Today I am doing Gothic Lolita and I want to create a dolly look.

That is why I chose lashes with separate bundles.

I will use this for my lower lashes.

These are seperated in fours.

I will use the longest here on the outer corner.

Trace the mascara line from earlier.

add them under your lashes as if you are extending the line.

A little bit under your real lashes, that will create the dolly look.

Connecting it with the line I drew earlier.

I will use this orange here on my cheek.

I start on my cheek bone and apply it in round motion.

I use quite a lot.

Now for the lipstick: I used some orange on my cheeks so I use a similar coral pink lipstick.

The special points about my makeup today are.

Gothic Lolita clothes are quite voluminous and fluffy.

And I matched my makeup with that, making it more impressive.

A strong line, lashes to make my eyes look bigger and a generous amount of blush.

There is blue under my eyes and orange on my cheeks and lips.

The colored contacts are green, as if I was a little mermaid.

Over here.

Over here.

Let's do it.

Ok, got it.

I will start from the over the knee socks.

The over the knee socks have.

at the back of them.

some skulls.

How should I show them? -We will take a picture and show it later.

Thank you.

First I will straighten my whole hair.

Then on each side split them in three and curl them.

Inwards, outwards, and inwards.

In that order I will create soft mixed curls.

And then.

Source: Youtube